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Finnegan Flawnt – Mar 30, 2010

lisa, i appreciate your kind comment on "don't rub me out yet".

Darryl Price – Jan 01, 2010

You are a good presence on this site. Thanks for being here.

Julie Innis – Dec 28, 2009

Lisa - thanks so much for checking out my story! I'm so very happy to have found your work here - beautifully done. I look forward to reading much more. Best, Julie

Greg Gerke – Dec 08, 2009

Thanks Lisa! I just moved in NYC are you there/here?

Nora Nadjarian – Dec 06, 2009

thanks for the comment on my story Gardening, Lisa...

Meakin Armstrong – Nov 22, 2009

Lisa, great to see you here. And glad I can read more of your work!

steve wing – Nov 08, 2009

I stop fighting...a touching story. Thanks for that, and for your comment on shelter storm.

A. Pseudonym – Nov 03, 2009

Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment on What You Get. I'm reading through your stuff and finding a lot to like!

David Erlewine – Nov 02, 2009

thank you, lisa! um, i am happy i made you uncomfortable! ok, i just sound like an ass.

See ya – Nov 02, 2009

Thanks, Lisa for the reads. I really appreciate it.

Meg Pokrass – Oct 19, 2009

Lisa - so great to discover your work, and so excited to read more!

David Erlewine – Oct 19, 2009

killer killer piece in kill author. i can't say that enough. and i lived in ohio for seven years of school so extra cool.

David Erlewine – Oct 17, 2009

hey there, lisa, thanks for the fave of kind of natural. looking forward to reading your latest story once i get home from a reading tonight. you take care. d

Corey Zeller – Oct 08, 2009

Hey. I want to know you. Send me a note. Draw something of New York for me and I'll write you something.

It'll be like giving a mixtape to a stranger on the subway.

James Robison – Aug 30, 2009

Your work is enchanted and enchanting--the graphic art as well as the prose--and full of surprises but always in the interest of conveying a truth: the flavor of grief or the clatter of language or the look of a mystery. Maybe 1910 was a good year for magical/visual writers.

Darryl Price – Aug 27, 2009

Love the pots and pans drawing!

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