I used to think the sun was the moon

by Lisa Lim

He grew angry at me for missing "great bodies of knowledge".

I immediately imagined holes in me.

Were parts of me missing?

Yes, I did not know furry caterpillars do not have fur,

but I did know that furry bear caterpillars play dead when discovered.

I could not point out North America on a map,

but I have visited almost every continent while his passport looks an empty notebook.

I sometimes said "Kidder Peabody" when I meant to say "Peas & Pickles".

I said a "taller order" instead of a "higher order" and so what.

I imagined the sun to be the moon and discovered it was not on a road trip in California where I noticed the sun on one side and the moon on the other. 

I added 4 cups of peanut butter when the recipe only called for one fourth.

I couldn't point out where the East river was but I ran every day alongside it and enjoyed the zithers of Chinese violins as the oldies did tai chi.

"So what" I say. "So what".