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In addition to pretending to write, I edit Nanoism ( ), an online publication dedicated to very very short fiction (okay, okay, fine—twitter-fiction).

Recently, I became a physician.

I also post daily 140-character mini-stories/fictional sentences/story ideas/writing prompts at 12am Central Standard Time @midnightstories //

Why do you write?

Everybody needs a hobby, and my wife says I'm getting too old for videogames.

Ben White's Wall

M.H. – Nov 15, 2010

Thanks Ben for reading "She spread her legs and flew away" - I'll send it off to Nanoism's group!

David Erlewine – Mar 09, 2010

Thanks for the blog post. Indeed, man, sticking w/ the 3 AM story is a good's one of my longest pieces (in a long while at least). I owe you an e-mail on that other thing. Bear w/ me. I'm falling behind on a number of fronts.

David Erlewine – Feb 23, 2010

I lived in Austin...yeah a med school would be great. SA is nice, too. GOod luck with your studies and your writing, Ben. Oh and I closed my Twitter acct b/c it got hacked. Someone wants me to reduce my online presence (Mom, is that you? Wifey, you?)

David Erlewine – Feb 22, 2010

You're famous! Wait, and you're in Austin now? Saw the link on Htmlgiant.

David Erlewine – Jan 23, 2010

Dude! I need to get my act together. I never saw the Micro Nod...or I think I heard about it from the very kind Marcelle but then didn't see your Twitter link. Thanks, bud, for the nod! Maybe it'll get me to write something now. I'm horrible these days.

M.H. – Jan 22, 2010

You are welcome Ben - also love "Will Babysit for Little $$$" at matchbook along with your critical piece. Both are brilliant!

M.H. – Jan 19, 2010

Great piece at Writer's Bloc, Ben - Kudos :)

See ya – Dec 17, 2009

Thanks regarding the PANK interview. Roxane and Guy made it an easy one for me to enjoy. Glad you liked.

Robb Todd – Dec 04, 2009

I love Ben White. I love all people whose entire name is two syllables.

Tracy Lucas – Nov 15, 2009

Likewise. :) Thanks for your comments!

David Erlewine – Oct 22, 2009

dude, thanks for the fave and web assistance...


Molly Gaudry – Oct 21, 2009

Thanks, Ben. I always wonder if anyone reads those things. It was a fun one to participate in.

Scott Garson – Oct 13, 2009

thanks for the word Ben!

David Erlewine – Oct 05, 2009

(checking bagels and cereal off list)...hope that's tea in the pic, bud. coffee is up for grabs!

David Erlewine – Oct 04, 2009

goood interview bud. working on a serial while my son eats, well, you know, okay fine i'll say it, cereal. no, no stories about cereal. i won't ruin all those boxes, en masse.

David Erlewine – Oct 01, 2009

your message on twitter was hilarious! did i post a reply in the right place? I saw it at 430 am before catching my train. in the erlewine abode, every thursday is riblet thursday.

M.H. – Sep 28, 2009

Thanks so much Ben! And welcome :)

David Erlewine – Sep 28, 2009

just became a fanboy.

Ben White – Sep 28, 2009

Finally made a Facebook page for Nanoism. Virtual hugs for those who become "fans" ::

David Erlewine – Sep 26, 2009

dude, i made the title change. my wife just asked ... so you've ruined riblets and durian (my titular story)...what's next?

Mel Bosworth – Sep 26, 2009

yeah? okay....yeah, i can do that. thanks, ben. ben ben, be-en white. ben ben, he likes to bite. ben ben, be-en white. ben ben, he's like a light....

Robert Swartwood – Sep 25, 2009

Your wish is my command. Done.

Teresa Houle – Sep 25, 2009

Haha, you know you were my first. Jessi, is making everything far too easy for me. Soon, it'll be my turn to submit to you!

Teresa Houle – Sep 23, 2009

Nice to see you here, Ben. If there is a @midnightstories fanclub I should know about, please let me know.

Darryl Price – Sep 09, 2009


Mel Bosworth – Sep 08, 2009

Ben! Welcome to naut-y town.

...and when the time comes, you might have better luck selling the haiku on craigslist. the standards are slightly lower.

Robert Swartwood – Sep 07, 2009

right back atcha, mi amigo

Dan Moreau – Sep 07, 2009

Welcome, Ben. I love nanoism.

J.S. Graustein – Sep 06, 2009

Fancy meeting you here!

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