Yvette Wielhouwer Managan

Location Southeast USA
Occupation Chemist
Website http://www.thelinnetswings.net

About Me

Yvette Managan is a writer who works by day maintaining the chemical integrity of the Banana River. At night, she acts as intermediary between the neighbors, planets, hound-dog and Sun Conyer. She's taking notes.

Yvette reads to remember, writes to forget and re-enacts the American War Between the States to teach others that war is never healthy.

She acts as fiction editor for The Linnet’s Wing. Her works have recently been seen in Every Day Fiction, Open Magazine, Mason’s Road, Flashshot, Sporkpress, Eclecticflash, Killer Works, All Things Girl, Literal Translations, Polluto 6, Mirror Magazine, and Sinister Tales.

Why do you write?

Emotion, color, and experience, along with nearly everything else in existance, fuels my creativity. I write because otherwise my family members would either jump out of their skins or the nearest window.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Peter Matthessien writes like I wish I spoke, in "Far Tortuga" and "Killing Mister Watson."

I also like Mika Waltari's "The Egyptian." I read these books out loud, to taste the words.

Other than that, a partial list includes Barbara Kingsolver, Jerome K. Jerome, Milan Kundera, James Lee Burke, H. P. Lovecraft, earlier Ray Bradbury, Elmore Leonard, Robert McClosky, Nuala O'Faolain, Flanner O'Connor, Maurice Sendak, Thomas Berger, William Goldman, Wally Lamb, John Irving, Patricia Cornwell, Harry Turtledove, Robert Heinlein, Asimov, Kafka, Seuss, Marjory Flack, Ursula Leguin, Hubert Selby and John Steinbeck.

Just a short list, likely to grow as memory kicks in.

Yvette Wielhouwer Managan's Wall

Darryl Price – Jun 08, 2012

Thank you for those kind words. They light up the work that I do.

DJ Young – Jun 06, 2012

Thank you for reading and the kind comments on Skin.

Lucinda Kempe – Jun 04, 2012

And where are those wonderful stories, Ms. Y? Tap,tap, tap. Thanks for reading and commenting on East River.

Benjamin Matvey – May 31, 2012

Thank you Yvette I am so pleased you read and liked my latest chapter of my novel, X!

Gary Percesepe – May 17, 2011

thx for your lovely comment on my little poem, yvette--cheers, g

Finnegan Flawnt – Mar 23, 2010

...and le guin, you have le guin on your list. score!

Finnegan Flawnt – Mar 23, 2010

you know, yvette, you are the first and only person i know who also read/likes waltari's book "the egyptian". i loved this book so much! thanks also for your close reading...this made me change an attribute (too much 'tiny') but i don't understand your crit rgd the bride. do you want her taller? i thought she was tall enough. or do you want soviet toaster?

Jon Davies – Nov 21, 2009

Thanks for the feedback on "Minority Report" and other pieces.

M.H. – Nov 06, 2009

Thanks again for your great feedback, Yvette!

M.H. – Nov 05, 2009

Hi Yvette,
Thanks for your kind comments on "Three Dreamers." I appreciate your advice as well - and think I'll trim that dialogue :)

Brett Garcia Rose – Nov 02, 2009

Thanks for going over my story, Fin recently. I've reworked it a bit based on your comments and those of others, and I think it is far better thanks to your suggestions. I have two ready to send out now, and am of course saddened just a little to see them go...

Tara – Sep 28, 2009

Thanks much for your comments on my story!

Darryl Price – May 11, 2009

To taste the words--now that's a real writer's answer.I very much like the brave listing of Seuss and Sendak.Very cool!

Nonnie Augustine – May 04, 2009

Hi Yvette, I've been in Pensacola, and now my brother from New York is visiting, so I've been staying off my computer pretty much. It's good to have a break from it now and then, I guess. Nice to hear from you though. xxoononnie

David Erlewine – May 04, 2009

Great, Yvette, so happy it worked out!

Frank Dahai – May 04, 2009

Welcome Yvette. Glad you found the place. Lots of inspiration here!

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