Sugarfoot Pond

by Rene Foran

we walked together
me and Jimmy
down dat dirt road
to Sugarfoot Pond
holdin' hands
not sayin' nuthin
jus walkin'
and lookin' at the ground and such
my heart was beatin' hard
i could feel it in my hand
at least i think it was my heart
it was hard tellin' if it were mine or Jimmy's
den a bird started makin' some racket
and Jimmy say, hush up, you crazy bird!
and den dat bird, it stopped yappin'
just like dat
i say, why you do that, Jimmy?
why you tell dat bird to hush?
and he say
i was jus countin' your heartbeats, Emmie
and you know what?
i think they's the same as mine!
i laughed at Jimmy
but he was real serious lookin'
and so den
 i started lookin' real serious at him right back
and den dat Jimmy
he starts squawkin' real loud
jus like dat crazy ol' bird
and so went squawkin' together
down that dirt road
not doin' nuthin'
but squawkin'
all the way down
to Sugarfoot Pond