Brett Garcia Rose

Location New York CIty
Occupation Writer/Software Entreprenuer

About Me

I am a software entrepreneur and writer living in NYC. After graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing, I worked as a freelance journalist for local Boston and New York publications, as well as an investigator for various organizations in the Animal Rights and Environmental movements. After returning to study at Columbia in NYC, I founded Concept-Tel, inventing and producing software for the global telecommunications industry. It is wonderfully unstable and rewarding. I have also been a meditation teacher and martial arts instructor, and can occasionally be found playing the drums at local Irish pubs. My fiction has been published in various literary and consumer publications, including Newsday Magazine, New York Press, Rose and Thorn, Opium, Withersin, Spectrum Magazine, Susurrus, Lit Up and others. I've been nominated for the Million Writers Award and was a finalist for Opium's Bookmark Competition, but I've never won anything.

I don't mean just writing. Contests and lotteries and casinos just don't like me. But it's great to be here, and I look forward to sharing with other writers.

Why do you write?

I stopped writing for myself when I first interned as a journalist. That didn't work, so I then started an exciting and promising career as an art director and was promptly booted from the magazine publishing industry when an intern ratted me for being color-blind (she was correcting my mistakes until we stopped dating). I used to write every single day, but then I just lost it somehow, and didn't try making excuses. I started again a few years ago by reworking some old stories, to see how they might differ so many years later, and I have been steadily becoming more productive ever since, and I hope it lasts.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Some of my favorite authors are here...there are so many good writers. My taste in books run fairly generic, and I will no doubt be judged accordingly, but some of my tops, the ones I am willing to reread in a pinch, are Andrew Vachss, Chuck Palahniuk, Jonathan Franzen, Annie Dillard, Don DeLillo, Cormac McCarthy, and many others I forget and am surprised to remember at random times.

And I am always eager for suggestions, as I don't spend much time in bookstores and most of my friends are semi-literate musicians.

Brett Garcia Rose's Wall

Meg Pokrass – Jan 24, 2012

i have never really won anything either. Actually I did win one contest but they never sent me the prize. It was an embarrassing contest and an embarrassing prize.

I am happy to read your work here, it shines.

Jack Swenson – Jun 07, 2011

Brett, Thanks for the rave for my little tale. Much appreciated.

Misti Rainwater-Lites – Jun 06, 2011

just saw your compliment on twinge...thanks so much!

Misti Rainwater-Lites – Jun 06, 2011

Hello Brett,
thanks for complimenting my latest! much appreciated.

Tina Barry – Jun 06, 2011

Hi Brett, thanks for kind words about "Life of Charlotte." I'm glad you liked the line about the moon's strip tease.

J. A. Johnson – Jun 06, 2011

Hi Brett, thanks for your comments on White Noise. Looking forward to reading your stories!

Marcus Speh – Jun 05, 2011

ty, brett. you may imagine how much sadder i was to see it end...and i'm not just talking about the story "<a href="">in the nude</a>".

Sara – Apr 16, 2010

Hi Brett, my pleasure. It's good stuff. Thanks for checking out Girl -- I look forward to reading more of your work.

Brett Garcia Rose – Apr 10, 2010

New fiction up in The Barcelona Review:

Brett Garcia Rose – Jan 05, 2010 sounds familiar. I'll definitely give it a read.

Larry Strattner – Jan 05, 2010

try Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls. You'll love the voice - and the philosophy

Larry Strattner – Jan 05, 2010

Paula Bomer – Dec 13, 2009

Brett- thanking you way late on your comments on my story. I have no idea why I missed your comment until now. Please forgive me.

Cynthia Reeser – Nov 10, 2009

And now welcome to the Prick of the Spindle group! Fantastic to have you with us.

Cynthia Reeser – Nov 06, 2009

Welcome to Fictionaut!

Teresa Shen Swingler – Nov 05, 2009

Hi Brett, your nice comments on Taste made my day. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Happy to hear you are done with your stories (for now).

Brett Garcia Rose – Nov 05, 2009

Thanks, Lauren! I can't wait to read it. Yours is the kind of work that inspires me to write flash, lean, muscular, and lyrical without infinite free passes of poetry. Great work, in all!

Lauren Becker – Nov 05, 2009

thanks for all of your nice comments, brett. you inspired me to put something else up! you are very gracious and thoughtful reader.

Jon Davies – Nov 03, 2009

Thanks for your kind comments on "Clean." Glad my comments on your works in progress were of some use. Your own helpful comments on my pieces are also much appreciated.

Meg Pokrass – Nov 03, 2009

HI! thank you for your comment about Salty, my tiny story. Much appreciated. I look forward to knowing your work.

Teresa Shen Swingler – Oct 31, 2009

Hi Brett, really appreciated the kind comments on my story. Off to read one of yours ...

David Erlewine – Oct 28, 2009

hi brett, thanks for your note on my novel excerpt! d

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