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About Me

i am the editor of, a fiction magazine that specializes in metafiction

i collect tobacco pipes

i have a dog and a mortgage

i live in halifax, ns

Any favorite authors? Books?

david foster wallace, haruki murakami, blake butler, marcus speh, david markson

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Melanie Yarbrough – Aug 03, 2011

Hi Frank,

I just read your story "only in retrospect could the island become real" on elimae. It's devastating, the way life has gotten away from the narrator. There is always the option for something concrete or "something else." Beautifully done. Congrats!

- Mel

Marc Lowe – May 27, 2010

Hi Frank. Just read your piece at decomP (about the various "Franks") and your interview at Outside Writers Collective. Really enjoyed your fiction, and it was interesting to read that you'd spent some time in Korea and Japan.

Michelle Elvy – Apr 24, 2010

Thanks for commenting on Love, Story, Frank. And I love it that you list Barth among favorite authors. I just put up the opening line of Sotweed Factor on Fnaut the other day. One of the funniest historical novels ever.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Mar 18, 2010

Hi Frank. We are connected through fb, so add me as a contact here if you wish. I would add you, but I don't see where to do it.

Finnegan Flawnt – Dec 18, 2009

frank, thanks for the fav for "Regret". i hope, wherever you are, cut off from the net, that you have a great time and christmas cheers. whoville is never far.

Cynthia Reeser – Nov 28, 2009

Hi Frank, welcome to the Prick of the Spindle group. Warm wishes from the entire crew.

A. Pseudonym – Nov 02, 2009

It's good to find another wayguk on Fictionaut. I just got back from a few years in the morning calm; "Itaewon" is perfect. The garbage piles, the dirty mix of people, hooker hill and all the bars - it's all still fresh for me, and you've stirred it up beautifully.

You taught English, I assume. I was in Gangnam; before that, at a university south of Seoul. Yourself?

Hazar Worth – Oct 24, 2009

To the esteem MR>H, I give the secret success sign of Brotherhood and of sweet-oh-so-sweet Chaos.

Tia Prouhet – Oct 13, 2009

Oh. Hi. Hello and things.

Mel Bosworth – Sep 29, 2009

Whaddup, Mr. Hinton? Welcome to the FNaut.

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