Andrew Roe

Location San Diego, CA

Books by Andrew Roe
  • by Andrew Roe
    Algonquin Books, 2015.

  • by Susan Burmeister-Brown, Linda B. Swanson-Davies
    Washington Square Press, 2006.

  • by Andrew Scott
    Press 53, 2013.
  • About Me

    My debut novel, The Miracle Girl, will be published by Algonquin Books in April 2015. My fiction has appeared in One Story, Tin House, Glimmer Train, The Sun, The Cincinnati Review, Slice, Opium, Salt Flats Annual, Avery Anthology, Failbetter, Hobart, Storyglossia, Night Train, Juked and other publications. I live in Oceanside, California, with my wife and three children. There are other things, too, but that's all for now.

    Why do you write?

    I write because... not writing doesn't seem like an option.

    Andrew Roe's Wall

    Foster Trecost – Aug 31, 2011

    Hi Andrew. Just a little thank you for spending some time with Blank Checks - I really appreciate the read and your comments. fos.

    Kathy Fish – Aug 30, 2011

    Thanks for ordering the book, Andrew! I hope you like it. It was great to see you'd posted something here again.

    Kathy Fish – May 05, 2011

    Hi Andrew, hope all's well with you. I really appreciate the kind comments for "The Bed".

    Marcela Fuentes – Feb 03, 2011

    Thanks very much for your comments. :)

    Tawnysha Greene – Dec 05, 2010

    Thank you so much for your kind words on "Sundays." It's nice to see you here at Fictionaut...

    Susan Tepper – Nov 22, 2010

    Hi Andrew, I'm glad you liked my 55er Tall Men, and appreciate your letting me know. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Kathy Fish – Nov 16, 2010

    Very nice comments for my story "Snow", Andrew. I really appreciate it!

    Julie Innis – Nov 11, 2010

    "Andrew" - geesh.

    Julie Innis – Nov 11, 2010

    Andrews, as always, thank you for your encouraging words.

    M.H. – Nov 10, 2010

    Hi Andrew - Thanks so much for your kind words on "She Spread Her Legs" - I'm glad you liked it!

    Kathy Fish – Nov 09, 2010

    Really appreciate the great comments for "Moro" Andrew. Thanks so much.

    Bill Yarrow – Nov 08, 2010

    Thanks, Andrew, for commenting on "I Am Not a Corpse." I really appreciate your kind words.

    Jules Archer – Nov 08, 2010

    Andrew - many thanks for reading "Mama's Mass". I appreciate the kind feedback.

    Cherise Wolas – Jul 04, 2010

    Andrew, I'm so glad Lake Chelan was a nice start to your day. Your lovely comment and star was a nice start to mine as well. I look forward to reading your work.

    Meg Pokrass – Jun 09, 2010

    Andy - thank you for reading and understanding "Damn Sure Right".

    David Erlewine – Jan 12, 2010

    Kumar, Applejack, Robby, Bob...

    Man, I did miss some key players in the story. I watch that movie every year at least. Love it. Thanks for checking in. Dude, Left of the Dial and Bottle're good in my book.

    David Erlewine – Dec 22, 2009

    Grand salami in SLQ. I tuck my five-year-old son in every night, and I will be thinking of this story every night I do so for a long while.

    "I tell my son that his grandfather loved him very much, that he liked tennis, that he was funny and liked to joke, and that we're all very sad he's not here." Outstanding sentence in a magnificent story.

    David Erlewine – Oct 05, 2009

    oh and thanks for not pointing out that i sorta just "ruined" the fantasy numbers by my comment. ha ha

    David Erlewine – Oct 05, 2009

    hey andy, my pleasure on the comment. i had to say something! unbelievable (well deserved of course)...and yeah reminded me of the opposite of that dude they used to make fun of - John Koncak? - who would often have 14 (min) 0 0 0 6 (personal fouls). that always killed me.

    David Erlewine – Sep 09, 2009

    Thanks, Andrew, for the feedback on "The Fair". The fathers in my stories always tend to be sort of like this guy. Either that or total ninnies. Hmm...

    In any event, I'm thrilled you liked the piece. Take care, David

    Andrew Roe – Sep 04, 2009

    Hello Katrina! Yes, I made it. The swim was long but well worth it.

    Katrina Denza – Sep 04, 2009

    Andy! You're here!

    Andrew Roe – Sep 03, 2009

    Hey, thanks, David. I appreciate the kind words and the welcome.

    David Erlewine – Sep 03, 2009

    I'm still catching up on all of your great work, but your piece in Freight Stories is amazing. Great to have you here.

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