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I write poems, short stories and flash. My poems and short stories have appeared in Word Riot, Scrambler, Poets & Artists, THIS Literary Magazine, Blue Fifth Review, Connotation Press, Foliate Oak, Wilderness House Literary Review, A-Minor, fwriction: review, Blue Print Review, Metazen and many others. My collection of short stories, Elsie’s World, was published in January 2011.

I am currently Managing Editor of A-Minor Press, having edited at 52|250 A Year of Flash, Voices, Thrush Poetry Journal and Thrush Press.

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James Robison – Feb 04, 2012

Likewise, old son.

Carol Reid – Feb 09, 2011

Hey, thanks for the read and star and comment, much appreciated! Hope your book arrives here soon!

Robert Vaughan – Feb 03, 2011

Congratulations, Walter, on Elsie's World getting published! I can't wait to read the entire collection!

Bill Yarrow – Jan 18, 2011

Thanks, Walter. Great comment on "George." Thanks for reading!

Jack Swenson – Jan 18, 2011

Walter, thank you so much for your comment & * for "Madness." Madness indeed, esp. so because the main character is alive & kicking, more or less. Not much exaggeration here, I'm afraid.

James Lloyd Davis – Jan 18, 2011

Walter, thanks for the fave and the comment on "Foreplay." Isn't revenge a wonderful fantasy? I'm sure even Ghandi had a list.

Catherine Davis – Jan 10, 2011

Hi back to you, Walter. Well, your "Sunglasses" has got me spelunking in Greek tragedy. What can I say - it's true. Your story put me in mind of one speech in particular, as I remember it, Cassandra against the sun. (No sunglasses for that lady, alas.) I can't find the one I'm thinking of. But I'm grateful to you for turning my mind this way, however far (or not) from your intention this may have been. The hunt is a pleasure in itself. Man, those Greeks knew how to hurl a rant. As do you.

Carol Reid – Jan 08, 2011

Walter! Taos is magic, go there if you can! And thanks.

Jane Hammons – Jan 06, 2011

Thanks for your comment on Headstone, especially the form, something I am totally insecure with in regards to poetry. Or poetry-like things.

Catherine Davis – Jan 02, 2011

Walter, thank you for your most generous words on "Lynched." (If I were a character, I'd go lava cheeks.) And may I say what a wonderful name you have, having never gotten to use it in actual address before, just realizing; it was my father's, too.

Roberta – Jan 02, 2011

Thank you very much for the comment on 'Tasted Like Apples,' Walter. 'Gots' was the prompt I struggled with too, so I'm glad its use didn't come across as forced.

Bill Yarrow – Dec 29, 2010

The poem is so strong in its details, many of which have a revolutionary potential, I was just expecting a bigger payoff. I think your idea of a different kind of ending can work though. It's the last two lines specifically you might rethink. Less punch than the previous three. IMO.

M.H. – Sep 20, 2010

Hi Walter! A heartfelt thanks for your generous comments on "Origin" - You made my day!

Lori Lou Freshwater – Aug 01, 2010

A very late thank you for your comments on my Bill Franklin story, but heartfelt none-the-less.

Claire King – Jul 31, 2010

Hey Walter, happy weekend! Thanks for your graphic comments on Good Home Wanted. Toe gushy. Mmm, squelchy.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jul 12, 2010

Thank you for reading and commenting on Body Double. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

M.H. – Jul 11, 2010

Hi Walter - Thanks so much for your comments on "Goodnight Dogs" :)!

Susan Tepper – Jul 11, 2010

Hi Walt, and thanks so much for your lovely comments on Summer in the City. Yep, those hot NYC summmers can make for big trouble!
Hope you are staying cool

Cherise Wolas – Jul 11, 2010

Walter, I am so pleased you enjoyed Lake Chelan, and for your kind words. Nice new pic by the way!

Jane Hammons – Jun 27, 2010

Thanks as always for reading and commenting.

Cherise Wolas – Jun 13, 2010

Hey Walter,

Congrats on losing 30 pounds! Fabulous and amazing! And you ought to be incredibly proud of yourself!

Claire King – Jun 10, 2010

Hi Walter, thanks for the comment on clowns. I think you're right about the clean underwear. And then there's the whole custard pie thing. Of course the two can't really be separated.

M.H. – Jun 05, 2010

Hi Walter - Many thanks for reading & commenting on "I don't have a gun" - it's much appreciated :)

Michelle Elvy – May 30, 2010

Thanks for the comment on Rock On, WB. Wiki-mad on the jonquils, eh? Glad you liked the story...

Myra King – May 26, 2010

gotta love wiki!

Myra King – May 26, 2010

Ah, yes, we have some pretty dangerous things here in Aussie land! Amongst other things you would have heard of course, of drop bears?
Thanks Walter for the fav.

Michelle Elvy – May 25, 2010

Thanks, WB, for your comment on Elephant. Glad you liked it.

Johnsienoel – May 22, 2010

thank you for your supportive comments on the wacky Alpaca story.

Myra King – May 14, 2010

Ah, yes, me hearty! And the 0favs group has walked the plank too!

Myra King – May 09, 2010

Thanks, Walter Bjorkman.

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 08, 2010

I am happy you invaded NC Writers. Welcome. Happy to have you.

Michelle Elvy – May 08, 2010

Thanks, WB, for your comment on Routine. I am thinking about that comedy, which I at first thought impossible but you know how I like a challenge...

Jack Swenson – May 08, 2010

Walter, What? Another mutt? I'm 3/4 Norwegian, 1/4 Swede. Hence the Swedish spelling of my name.

Lori Lou Freshwater – May 07, 2010

Kindred! Thank you for reading This Girl in That Shirt. Yes, it is the uncommon things that get us sometimes.

Stephen Carter – May 07, 2010


Thanks for reading the naked man of barcelona. And sorry for the delayed response...i'm still getting my bearings here.

Cherise Wolas – May 07, 2010

Walter, thanks for your great comments and observations on Things I Should Have Done - #4. I think you're right, not sure that assessments really work, but it sure is fun to start a narrator's premise with "I should have..."

Myra King – May 06, 2010

Hey Walter, glad you liked 'blue'. I snorkled over the Great Barrier Reef and the fish there were the most spectacular electric blue.

Michelle Elvy – May 03, 2010

thanks for the comment on Latitude Adjustment. Poet am sometimes always not but I.

Michelle Elvy – May 02, 2010

LOVE that picture of WB as a youth. Thank you.

J.B. Lacombe – May 02, 2010

Thanks, Walter. I have great eggs-pectations for myself as an f'naut member. This egg pun will never get old! ;)

Chalon Emmons – May 02, 2010

Thank you for your generous reading of my "Color Wheel." I'm new here, and I appreciate your insightful comments.

Myra King – May 01, 2010

Where do I look? Do you have a link?

Myra King – May 01, 2010

Thanks Walter. I've got a soft spot for Mind Games. I spent many, many hours researching perpetual motion! Friction is the problem.

tifini kamara – May 01, 2010

hah i have a few posts with zero favs...perplexing to say the least

Cherise Wolas – May 01, 2010

Walter, I joined. I hope we're not giving ourselves the evil eye!

Cherise Wolas – May 01, 2010

Walter, starting a group called 0 Favs, love that!

Stephanie Bobo – May 01, 2010

Thanks, Walter, for reading and commenting on "Eddie Says"--much appreciated!

Julie Innis – Apr 29, 2010

Dear Walter, thank you for your kind words on my little stories! I am proud to be called a Brooklynite by you.

Myra King – Apr 29, 2010

Thanks Walter, for your once again insightful comments on Common Unc. Oh, for a world with manners aka respect/care/consideration

Michelle Elvy – Apr 29, 2010

Walt! thanks for your comment on Celebrating Difference. Glad you liked it -- it's different from what I'm writing more of these days, but it's the sort of thing I've written mostly in the past. Still tweaking it and looking for ways to improve it so I can send it off somewhere and grab someone's eye. Appreciate the insights.

Susan Tepper – Apr 29, 2010

Walt, thanks so much for reading and commenting on my poem Level, very much appreciated

A. Pseudonym – Apr 28, 2010

Thanks for the comment on "Feb 16"! Much appreciated.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 28, 2010

Thank you for you comments on Leaves of Yesterday.

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Apr 27, 2010


Lori Lou Freshwater – Apr 26, 2010

Hey there Kindred, thank you for your thoughts on The Heart Jar. I love the Indiana Jones Everyman, only a defeated one, who has a heart maybe he wishes was only for decorative purposes.

Myra King – Apr 26, 2010

Thanks, Walter. It's one of my darker time poems. Don't go there too often.
So many suicides here in Australia, especially teenagers. I'ts so sad, all that lost potential.

Stephanie Bobo – Apr 25, 2010

Thank you, Walter, for reading "Hammer Nail Nail" and your comments, both on content and the length, glad to know!

Stephanie Bobo – Apr 25, 2010

Thank you, Walter, for reading "Hammer Nail Nail" and your comments, both on content and the length, glad to know!

David Erlewine – Apr 25, 2010

hey walter! ha ha, sorry for the andy k act, that was a good line, sir. things are good with me...i'll tell cecil hey for you. he's drunk right now but will be up soon.

Cherise Wolas – Apr 24, 2010

Now that I've really been digging into fictionaut over the past few days, reading great stories by so many talented writers, "a night on the f'naut" resonates even more!

Myra King – Apr 24, 2010

Of course the poem is symbolic and metaphoric too. But I see your point and have clarified. Thanks, Walter, most helpful.

Michelle Elvy – Apr 24, 2010

Holy carp, Walt (yeah, I don't know to what extent a girl should curse all over another's Home Page, but you know what I mean when I'm writing about fish): you made me blush! Thanks for your comment on Pi in the Sky. I'm in shock, now I'm worried about living up to the hype. Yikes, better get to writing... thanks, Mr B!

Myra King – Apr 24, 2010

Glad you liked Life's Living, Walter. The last reference was to the bush (you call them wild) fires of Ash Wednesday Feb 16th 1983. My kids were very young and I also had a 13 week old baby. We only just managed to get out in time and I remember standing on my front porch seeing the spot fires of the main front and thinking, this is when people ask 'god' for help. I then thought no, if I do that I will have to give god credit for my survival.
Many people died on that day including a woman with her three children who perished in their car about twenty miles from where we lived.

Lori Lou Freshwater – Apr 23, 2010

Okay, Mister, your poem is up -- On West 4th Street

J. Mykell Collinz – Apr 23, 2010

Thanks for reading Nell Shea, Walter. I value your comment highly. I will post other segments next and look forward to your comments, along with reading your work.

Cherise Wolas – Apr 22, 2010

Walter -
Thank you for reading. Orbach, there is still no detective like him! This was something I started writing for fun, because although I know it's sick I do sometimes wonder what detectives would think walking into my apartment and trying to figure me out from where I live, and what I own... the books on my bookshelves... the books hidden away! Thanks for the comments, I would ultimately like to have this be a story where the unnamed victim, who will be named, thinks about what will be discovered, while hours later the detectives figure out what they think they know about her.


Not sure if you saw my reply comment. I guess I am supposed to be responding on people's walls!? Thanks again.

Myra King – Apr 22, 2010

It's been a crazy week with moving - albeit just across the paddock to the 'new' house.
This weekend we have ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corps)commemorations to remember the fallen soldiers and, because I am a member of the Creswick Light Horse Troop,to also remember the fallen horses from the last ever, cavalry charge to capture the wells of Beersheba. Yes, we ride horses in full uniform and original gear even down to the Sabres and 303's!

Myra King – Apr 21, 2010

Yes, Walter, I see what you mean. Thanks, I think ;-)

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 21, 2010

Thanks for reading my work and your generous comments.

Foster Trecost – Apr 20, 2010

Hey Mitch, thanks for reading and commenting on A Boy and His Tire. foster.

Bonnie ZoBell – Apr 19, 2010

Thanks for your comments, Walter!

Jane Hammons – Apr 16, 2010

Thanks for faveing Pleiku Jacket. Always nice to be read by someone who gets it.

Jane Hammons – Apr 14, 2010

Thanks for your comment (and, of course, for the star :) on Easter Oneday. The "almosts" observation is interesting to me in rethinking the piece. Not conscious of it, but certainly true. And the Babcia "quirkiness" . . . if you only knew . . .

Jerry Ratch – Apr 13, 2010

Thanks, Walter. Love your comments!

James Robison – Apr 12, 2010

re: Mars
Thank you for the comment and the star.
I must go against my policy
of commenting on, or reacting to, reactions to a story I wrote to say that these two characters are complete fabrications, that no detail or generality here applies to my actual life, but, more importantly, that in their inability to locate a problem lies their problem, and while the auhor has control of the weather and the costumes and has the vocabulary to address these things, the characters mostly don't. To some degree they understand this. Denise makes fun of Charlie for using the phrase "our own marriage" because neither has been married to anyone else before, (" opposed to yours with bloofus-doofus?") and this was intended to be funny. The husband and wife were rendered as inarticulate and at some distance from having the skills to express their own unhappiness or nostalgia and I hope that is not so dismally the case with me in my real life.The work was dedicated to Rachel Whiteread, sort of po

James Robison – Apr 11, 2010

You can take credit for everything, dude, in that piece. I know you were doing Wiki, of course, and flipping another entry is simply triple hip.

Susan Tepper – Apr 11, 2010

Walter, message me when the prequel is posted

James Robison – Apr 11, 2010

Thanks for the careful and thoughtful reading of my poem. I am considering how disruptive and off-step is the cloud line.

Susan Tepper – Apr 10, 2010

Walter, I so much appreciate your read and comment on Remember Hardy, yes... those were the days...

M.H. – Apr 10, 2010

Thanks Walter for your comments on "Get Some Strange" - I hadn't thought of the Doors, but it certainly fits the mood of the piece :)

Jerry Ratch – Apr 10, 2010

Thank you so much for your comments, Walter!

Myra King – Apr 10, 2010

Those lines you quoted from 'cake tin rusted' are my favourite ones too(note Australian spelling!)Thanks so much.
Intriguing, Walter, in your 'about you' - "grade of life on pass-fail basis? Incomplete"
Who do you suppose will be judging you at the end?
The Universe(ity)of Life. Or maybe yourself? I don't pick you as a God botherer.

Jane Hammons – Apr 09, 2010

ha ha! maybe that was me on your bike. It's possible I got the year wrong :)

Johnsienoel – Apr 09, 2010

Thank you for the lovely comments on GROUNDED. I do talk to the animals, almost daily. At times I think they are the only ones who really listen. Isn't it amazing the altered perspectives we can glean from nature?

Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 08, 2010

Thanks for your comments on Hope in the Shebelle. Glad you liked the story. A novella is a nice idea.

Myra King – Apr 08, 2010

Lots of readers/writers hate second person, I know it can be confusing. I'm really pleased you liked The Right Words, though. Thank you Walter for your insightful comments.

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Apr 08, 2010

Hey, we're neighbors! Where in Maryland? Thank YOU for commenting on my story The Blues are Running - made me giddy, hee-hee! Peace...

Susan Tepper – Apr 06, 2010

Gee, Walter, do you really find them dysfunctional (ha ha). Thanks so much for your comments on St. Barts

M.H. – Apr 06, 2010

Thanks so much for your comments of AGLB :) Also love your greatest accomplishment!

Beate Sigriddaughter – Apr 06, 2010

I like Bob Dylan next to William Blake!

Myra King – Apr 06, 2010

Thanks so much for that, Walter.

Doug Bond – Apr 01, 2010

thanks for the read on 3rd & Long....remember the days the Jets played at Shea, but think i lost interest about the time Lou Holtz had his stint

David Erlewine – Apr 01, 2010

Great reference to Newman, sir, thanks for reading my Fuckhead story.

Larry Strattner – Mar 30, 2010

Very interesting website. I really enjoyed it and better - it got me to thinking.

sara t. – Mar 27, 2010

thanx for your read and comment!

Jack Swenson – Mar 24, 2010

Ubu Roi. Never saw Jarry on anybody's fav list before. Happy memories. Thank you! Oh, my! And Miss Lonelyhearts, too!

Susan Tepper – Mar 23, 2010

Walter, I very much appreciate your comments on my poem Tangled.

David Erlewine – Nov 04, 2009

Hi Walter, where in Md are you? I'm near Annapolis. Nice to be in touch.

Frank Hinton – Oct 18, 2009

wishing mr.bjorkman would submit something to ... feeling a kind of love of his words...

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