Bow Ties & Brooklyn Dressing

by Walter Bjorkman

Bow Ties & Brooklyn Dressing
                                      - by Fancy Me
At first we wore them
for special occasions,
clip-on types
to birthday parties
first day of class

Then, the true test
of manhood
to tie the tie of the name
to struggle with the bow for
more weddings
more funerals

Then, they were forgotten
narrow other ties
the stick-pins
pointed shoes
herringbone jackets
sharkskin pants, fancy me

Then, we ran naked
through the sixties
collars of obedience
discarded in the pyre
with draft cards and bras

Then, when we grew up
got a job
wide was cool
gaudy was de riguer
Garcia would'a been proud

Then, corporate silk
jackets required
no suit, no tie
no pay

Then, something happened
at least in Miami tropic
bow to the heat
tie to the reality
no suit, no tie
no prob

Now - here I sit
with Brooklyn tomatos
swimming around
Barilla bow ties
that I devour,
and want to pick one up
to my neck and wear it
but then I think better
- and don't

garlic clarifies ties