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I write fiction and poetry.

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Sometimes there's just no getting around it. Sometimes I just can't holler loud enough.

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Carol Reid – Feb 14, 2011

Hey! I'm glad you liked my story. I am a big fan of yours and look forward to reading more of you!

David Ackley – Feb 14, 2011

Thanks for the several comments on the novella, Stephanie, all to the point and very helpful as I wade through it. Still, best of all is seeing you back, and having your great work to read.

Kathy Fish – Feb 13, 2011

Stephanie, wow, thanks so much for the stars for Margaret & Beak and for Lens. You really didn't have to do that, but I am grateful. Cheers, Kath

Kathy Fish – Nov 21, 2010

Stephanie, thanks very much for reading "Foundling." I see you have posted something. Off to read. Thanks again. Kathy

David Ackley – Aug 30, 2010

Thanks, Stephanie, for your comment on "Love Slut." Sharp of you to sense there was more to come. The novella's up to 80 pages and counting. The other piece here from it is called "After the Alamo."

Lori Lou Freshwater – Aug 01, 2010

Also, thank you for bringing up Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation in your comments about 'The Heart Jar'. That was worth like a million dollars. ;-)

Lori Lou Freshwater – Aug 01, 2010

Stephanie, hopefully better late than never...I am here to say thank you for your comment on 'In the Path of Mary'. I really appreciated it.

Robert Vaughan – Jun 12, 2010

Hi Stephanie, so glad you joined Fictionaut and have placed so much of your writing here. Have a great weekend.

Cherise Wolas – May 23, 2010


Because I absolutely believe that long pieces should be read and commented upon here at fictionaut, I so applaud you posting Bread, Fish, Serpent, Stone, parts I and II. I am printing them out as I write this. Flash and micro fiction is great, but we're writers, and that means we're readers, and god forbid writers get used to MTV-style fiction only. So... your two stories are next up on my to-read list.

M.H. – May 22, 2010

Hi Stephanie - Thanks so much for faving my story :)!

Jack Swenson – May 22, 2010

Thanks for your note re: "Snowed In." True story, more or less. As I recall, I wasn't having much fun the evening of that particular outing.

Myra King – May 22, 2010

Stephanie it means heaps to me that you enjoyed RFR. I was worrying that it was a bit too long for fictionaut. But your lovely comments have put that concern to rest. Thank you :-)

Con Chapman – May 21, 2010

S--Yes the Citgo sign is still there, although now that Citgo is owned by the government of Venezuala, it suffers by association with Hugo Chavez. Every now and then somebody proposes that they shut it down to conserve energy. I think they changed it to LED to seem greener.

Carol Reid – May 19, 2010

Thank you for your comments on "Pirates"! It's one of my own faves :) So I'm especially glad you liked it.

Julie Innis – May 19, 2010

Thank you! You are too kind!

Cherise Wolas – May 19, 2010

Stephanie, I so appreciate your astute analysis on The Shloshim Period, you got it absolutely. And thank you for the fav!

I see I have much work of yours to read and delve into, and I look forward to that!

David Ackley – May 19, 2010

Thanks for reading and applying your critical acumen to my historical works. Much appreciated. By the way, things are getting a little lonesome over at the Rowdies Group. Haven't you got something that would liven up the place a little?

Susan Tepper – May 17, 2010

Stephanie, just wanted to add another thank you here, for your kind readings of No One Is Safe and my poem Level. So much appreciated!

Bill Yarrow – May 16, 2010

Thanks, Stephanie, for your comment about "Greyhound." I really appreciate it.

David Ackley – May 16, 2010

Thanks so much Stephanie. It so pleases me that you found the piece worth a second reading. And your comments, much to the point of it.

Myra King – May 16, 2010

Again Stephanie, thanks so much for reading my work and your great comments about my poem, Model T Ford.

Myra King – May 16, 2010

Thanks so very much, Stephanie, for your lovely comments on Loss of a Child.

Myra King – May 16, 2010

Thanks Stephanie, for your wonderful comments on my story, The Darkness of White Noise. It was a hard one to write and took many years before I could share it. Very much appreciated.

Jane Hammons – May 16, 2010

Maybe try putting Bread, Fish, Serpent, Stone up in two parts? I just read part one of Michael Larkin's story and noticed there is a part two. I don't know if he did that because of length or not, but you might try it.

Chalon Emmons – May 14, 2010

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your enthusiastic response to "Color Wheel." I'm glad to hear that the crab startled you--it did me, too, when I was writing the piece. And I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories and poems.

David Ackley – May 13, 2010

Hey, welcome to the Naked Rowdies Group. Where our motto is
" No comedy too low, as long as it's funny." Another answer to your thoughtful question will be posted in FAQ at the group.

David Ackley – May 13, 2010

"Woof, woof."

"Da. Ya gavaryoo."

Michelle Elvy – May 01, 2010

And thank you so much on your comment on "Almost There" -- I just saw that! I really appreciate your reading of the title and its many meanings. It's a really personal piece; glad it touched you.

Michelle Elvy – May 01, 2010

Thanks, Stephanie, for your comment on Love, Story! So glad you enjoyed it. Will come round your page more often too!!

Kathy Fish – May 01, 2010

Hi Stephanie, thank you for reading "Lip", "The Next Stanley Kubrick" and "Space Man." I really appreciate it!

Doug Bond – Apr 30, 2010

hey Stephanie...thanks for comments on Fireflies...nice when one of the pieces from months ago gets read

M.H. – Apr 30, 2010

Thank you so much for your comments on "Three Dreamers" - I'm glad you liked the piece :)

Meg Pokrass – Apr 30, 2010

you are too kind! thank you for reading my stories!

Tina Barry – Apr 30, 2010

Hi Stephanie. I see you were doing a little early morning reading. Thanks for checking out Bird-Watching and for making such insightful comments. I've been enjoying your writing.

David Ackley – Apr 30, 2010

Good Morning,
Nice to find you at my story, at 8 a.m. EST. Thanks for the clearsighted and smart read and your comments, always fun to mull over.

Finnegan Flawnt – Apr 30, 2010

hi stephanie, your comment on "agencypiece": a nice surprise...i love it when someone brings an old story from the bottom of the pile into the cold light of day. cheers!

Walter Bjorkman – Apr 29, 2010

Stephanie, thanks for taking a bite out of the quince. Think they were cultivated before apples, if I recall the beguiling nun's lecture.

Myra King – Apr 27, 2010

Wow, Stephanie, thanks so much for the fav and your very astute comments.

Sara – Apr 27, 2010

Stephanie, thanks so much for reading Spring. I'm so glad it worked for you in the way that it did.

Beate Sigriddaughter – Apr 27, 2010

Thanks for commenting on The Perfect Fox. (Now you've made my day and my night!

Matt Dennison – Apr 25, 2010

re: A Difference

"The structure has an overhang, like those huge contraptions one sees at shipyards,"

Well, that's a neat observation(!) Of course, totally unintended on MY part...

Jack Swenson – Apr 25, 2010

Great to get a + comment on my earthquake story from you, esp. since "you were here." Amen to what you said about "being ok when nothing's ok. Earthquakes. And other things." Got to tell you a quake story, though. I was in a Safeway at the time, in the checkout line, and as soon as the shaking stopped,a guy ahead of me leaned over the counter and yelled at the cowering clerk, "Hey! Can't we get any service around here?"

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Apr 25, 2010

Stephanie, thanks so much for your careful, considered comments on Thick with Memory. I'm always happy when someone reads anything of mine and it strikes a chord.

And as one newbie to another, welcome! I love your last name, I once knew a chemistry student with the same surname. Peace...

Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 25, 2010

Thank you so much for reading and commenting on Thunder Snow. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Julie Innis – Apr 15, 2010

blown away by "Classmates," really wonderful work!

Jack Swenson – Apr 02, 2010

Stephanie: Ghoulish indeed! I think I watched too many zombie movies when I was kid. Thanks for the comment on "Senior Center."

Carol Reid – Apr 02, 2010

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for reading my story.

Foster Trecost – Apr 01, 2010

Hi Stephanie. Thanks for reading Eight States Away, and thanks for the comments, too! foster.

Meg Pokrass – Apr 01, 2010

Thank you so much for reading "Time Travel".

Carol Novack – Mar 31, 2010

Thank you, again, Stephanie!

Christensen Sen – Mar 29, 2010

Thank you for reading Stephanie =D

Shelagh Power-Chopra – Mar 28, 2010

Thanks so much for commenting on the Rowdie post, appreciate it!

Jack Swenson – Mar 28, 2010

Yes, Earl's in big trouble, but he always is! Thanks for the wonderful comment about the characters in my stories. I fascinated by the Human Comedy!

Sean Ziebarth – Mar 27, 2010

Thanks for reading and commenting on my first Fictionaut foray.

Beate Sigriddaughter – Mar 26, 2010

I love your comments on why you write!

Jack Swenson – Mar 26, 2010

Stephanie, what a great line from the great, great Conrad story. One of my all time favorites. I had forgotten the line; thank you so much for reminding me!

Jack Swenson – Mar 26, 2010

Glad you liked "Quitting," Stephanie. Just thinking about my own quit gives me the willies! I real life, my wife still smokes, but I don't hassle her. I don't dare.

David Ackley – Mar 26, 2010

I love the way you articulate all those little flutters of intention that go through one's head writing, but that you wonder if anyone else will ever get once they hit the page. You do and for the writer it's a wonderful affirmation to see.

Adios – Mar 24, 2010

Hey Steph, thanks for reading "Prehistoric History." I'm so glad you liked it. If it weren't 1:30 am I'd read something of yours, but I need to hit the sack. I'm writing myself a note, though.

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Mar 24, 2010

Stephanie, thanks so much for reading my piece and the kind words. Loved your MAP... Peace, Linda

Carol Novack – Mar 24, 2010

i thank you and edna thanks you, stephanie!

Finnegan Flawnt – Mar 23, 2010

thanks for comment on soviet toaster. there are more things soviet to be shared with a wider audience, at the appropriate time. looking forward to check out And Then, too...with more time.

David Ackley – Mar 23, 2010

I liked "And Then" a whole hell of a lot. The critic took the afternoon off, the teacher went out for a cup of tea, and the reader just had a good time submerged in the story...though that doesn't mean it didn't leave some thinking for the other two.

Julie Britt – Mar 23, 2010

Stephanie, thanks for your nice comments about Cheat Sheets.

Foster Trecost – Mar 23, 2010

Hi Stephanie, glad you liked Invisible Grime - thanks for the read and comment. Also, welcome.

David Ackley – Mar 23, 2010

Hi Stephanie,
Just wanted to say thanks for your praise of Paddy...It's nifty the way you absolutely got the stuff with the dueling pen and pencils, the diminishing pints and the rest which came on as happy accidents in the writing but which I saw in the aftermath and was kind of amused by....

Your compliment about the voice was really pleasing to me from someone who is so deeply attuned in your own story to Ezra's....What a nice way to arrive at(on?) Fictionaut...

Meg Pokrass – Mar 22, 2010

hello, and thank you for your words about Damn Sure Right. Much appreciated.

Jane Hammons – Mar 22, 2010

Welcome Stephanie. Can't wait to see some writing.

Sara – Mar 22, 2010

Stephanie, thank you for your close read and thoughtful comments on my story -- i really appreciate it. And welcome, here. I look forward to reading your work.

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