For Carol Novack

by Marcus Speh

In the cities, the people don't age, they become stones instead. They don't turn into any old stones, but into stones that sit on top of other stones transcending  everything that man is capable of building. Some of these city people, before they turn to stone, are musical instruments that play themselves. Each instrument sounds very different from any other instrument. However, their sound is unique only when they play. Scientists who try to prove this uniqueness by recording the sound are disappointed: the recordings don't sound special at all. Their uniqueness can only be perceived by human ears in the moment of creation. These people, who turn into musical instruments that play themselves, do not turn into ordinary stones after their death: they become singing stones. Touching one of these special stones will bring out your own unique song. These stones are exceptional also because they carry forth the history of sounds that move us, into a distant future.