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Location Raleigh, NC
Occupation Writer, with university day job that hinders the writing.
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    Since immigrating from Romania in 1979, I’ve worked as a day laborer, a film projectionist, a music store clerk, a journalist/news writer for the U.S. Information Agency (Voice of America English Broadcasts), a TV Director for MSNBC and CNBC, and a freelance writer. Currently I am the senior editor for the End-of-Grade/End-of-Course tests for all public school students in North Carolina. I work at North Carolina State University. Around all of that I manage to swing some hard bop jazz from time to time on an old Premier 5-piece kit.

    I’ve published fiction in NY Arts Magazine, Guernica Magazine, Pank, Thrush Poetry Journal, Specter Literary Magazine, FRIGG, Thunderclap Press, The Monarch Review, Connotation Press, and others.

    I am the author of the novella “Short Lean Cuts.” Ebook at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, paperback at Amazon. I am also the author of "Gears," (from Independent Talent Group, Inc.) a collection of 70 short stories--some published, some brand new. I have just recently finished my novel The Sun Eaters, which is being looked at by several publishers currently.

    Why do you write?

    The dreariness and mundane details of life in general are what usually feed my pieces. I am mostly attracted to blue collar settings, people, and work spaces. I'm also fond of stories that have more of an international setting; anything outside our borders.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Keret, Makine, Cartarescu, Stanescu, Faulkner, Cheever, Herta Mueller, Carver, Hemingway, Vizma Belševica, Fitzgerald, Dos Passos, Bukowski, Anne Sexton, Hunter S. Thompson, Virginia Woolf, Carson McCullers, Martha Gellhorn, Kafka, Emily Dickingson, Jane Austen, Camus, Celine, Orwell, Mann, Yann Martel, Christopher Hitchens, Graham Swift, Stephen Hawking, Anne Sexton, Lilian Hellman, etc.

    I dig limited sci-fi, mainly Stanislav Lem and Phillip K. Dick.

    Being Romanian I despise anything that has to do with vampires, as nowhere in our culture do their legends exist. Until Bram Stoker came along and ruined it all.

    Alex M. Pruteanu's Wall

    Gary Hardaway – Feb 26, 2013

    Thanks for the kind response to "I'm Waiting", Alex, and for the great interviews here and elsewhere. "Gears" will knock' em dead at AWP, I suspect.

    Matthew Robinson – Jan 21, 2013

    I do my best. Haaaaaa.

    Matthew Robinson – Jan 06, 2013

    You're a gentleman and a scholar!

    Tyler D. Findlay – Dec 02, 2012

    You can not escape me! hahahahahahaha

    Barry Basden – Aug 17, 2012

    Thanks, Alex, for letting me know you liked 'His Kind of Woman.'

    Gessy Alvarez – Jul 26, 2012

    Thanks, Alex for reading "Dumb-Waiter." Glad you liked it.

    Matthew Robinson – Jul 18, 2012

    Alex, I'm glad you jived with my vibe!

    Joani Reese – May 31, 2012

    Hi Alex:

    Glad you liked "New Friends." Made me feel creepy all over to write it! Ha!

    Bill Yarrow – Jan 21, 2012

    Glad you liked "Uncle Moscow." My uncle was a real character, one of a kind. I don't know what would have happened if he ever met your uncle Basil! Alas, my uncle's gone now. Thanks for commenting!

    eamon byrne – Dec 31, 2011

    Alex, I know what you mean about the vampires. I have the same thing with leprechauns.

    Marcus Speh – Dec 27, 2011

    alex, thank you for commenting on "for carol". i have also added your site to my blogroll, btw.

    Marcus Speh – Dec 17, 2011

    thanks alex for commenting on "fox". you look so tortured by your university job in the picture. i feel like that at times. then i write. as do you, and so well, loved what i wrote so far.

    Jules Archer – Dec 01, 2011

    Hi Alex - Thank you for reading and commenting on "Cloudy..." I appreciate!

    Robert Vaughan – Nov 30, 2011

    Why, there you are, handsome! Nice to see a pic here finally. Glad it all worked out, Alex.

    Alex M. Pruteanu – Nov 28, 2011

    My pleasure, Jack. Coming from that side of the world, I naturally gravitate toward that type of setting/fiction.

    Jack Swenson – Nov 23, 2011

    Alex, I very much appreciate your kind response to my story of my travels in Europe. Thank you!

    Robert Vaughan – Nov 15, 2011

    Sometimes these things work more effectively than others. Give it time! You look swell, either way!

    Alex M. Pruteanu – Nov 15, 2011

    Thanks so much. Having trouble; the site is not uploading my profile .jpeg. Oh well, will try later. Great to be here!

    Robert Vaughan – Nov 15, 2011

    Welcome to Fictionaut, Alex! Dive on in!

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