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Writer and reader of many things. Wife, mother, mutant, and occasional standup comic (one of those is a lie). I am infinitely thankful grace.

I once fell off a mountain. It hurt.

My writing can be found various places online and in print.

Mary Lane's Wall

Steven Gowin – Jul 22, 2012

Thanks for the note on “Stroller Mania.” I just read “Saturday Morning.” THAT was impressive.

Gloria Garfunkel – Jul 17, 2012

I loved your Letter to an Aerobics Instructor. I appreciated you comment on the child's perspective in Pig Girl. It's a delicate balance to capture. Thanks so much.

Steele Diamond – Jul 12, 2012

Thanks for taking the time to read my piece. And there is no need to lie. One of my best friends was a mutant. :o)

Ashley Inguanta – Jul 08, 2012

Hello. Thank you for the welcome. :)

Alex M. Pruteanu – Feb 21, 2012

Thanks for the nice words on my story (The Sun Eaters)!

Jules Archer – Nov 28, 2011

HM - thanks so much for the swoon. Happy the story brightened up your rainy day, bondage and all.

Tawnysha Greene – Nov 16, 2011

Thank you for your comments on "The End of the World." I appreciate them very much!

Jules Archer – Mar 08, 2011

Pretty girl - thank you for reading and your feedback on "Health Code". I am so happy to have a reader like you. P.S. re: your story What I Wanted -- if you want to compare noses, I think I win.

See ya – Mar 02, 2011

thanks so much for reading my story.

Jen Knox – Mar 02, 2011

What a heartwarming comment to receive! Thank you!!

Teresa Houle – Feb 28, 2011

Yes, hopefully I won't be so distracted by life and can get reacquainted with writing. You didn't comment on my story I posted last night so you must hate it. Because I know you love me! It needs a new title, I know.

FM Le – Feb 19, 2011

Thanks for reading my poem :)

Meg Pokrass – Feb 13, 2011


Lynn Beighley – Feb 05, 2011

You look so different on f'naut, I didn't recognize you! Howdy!

Claire King – Dec 17, 2010

Thank you for your lovely comment on It Stops, you're such a sweetheart.

Julie Innis – Dec 11, 2010

Tbanks Toots!

Jules Archer – Nov 17, 2010

Thanks so much Harley for commenting on "The Minds of Men". Really appreciate it.

Lorenzo Sewanan – Aug 16, 2010

i really liked your pieces so far. the personal voice you have, a way of using diction in a very personal way- i really admire the style.

Darryl Price – Apr 01, 2010

Falling off a mountain might have been falling into something else. Either way it's cool if you live to tell about it. You came to the right place.

Sean Ferrell – Mar 25, 2010

Was the mountain okay?

dris khali – Mar 25, 2010

It hurts. It leaves a great impact on what comes afterward.Let's just reread the first fall.

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