Teresa Houle

Location Victoria BC Canada
Website http://dragonstories.wordpress.com/

About Me

words escape me.

Why do you write?

Any favorite authors? Books?

John Irving
J.D. Salinger
Albert Camus
Farley Mowat
John Steinbeck
and so many more...

A Fine Balance, The Book of Negroes, The Grapes of Wrath, The Catcher in the Rye, Charlotte's Web, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

oh ya, I love kids lit.

Teresa Houle's Wall

Mary Lane – Feb 28, 2011

NO, I do not hate it. Silly. I'm still thinking about it. Thinking, contemplating and collecting my words into articulate sentences. You would appreciate that over, "DER." You're right about one thing, I do love you.

Mary Lane – Feb 28, 2011

Hey! I didn't know you were on here. I like you.

Soon to be deleted – Feb 28, 2011

Hey, so damn glad you're back.

Tia Prouhet – Jan 12, 2010

post script: update your blog info on this site. It's all outdated, nicest lady.

Tia Prouhet – Jan 12, 2010

Gah. Tank you. I have some books yer kid (and you) will enjoy. All I can think of currently is ANYTHING by Robert Munsch. Alligator Baby is a favorite. And Smell Socks. Two to Nine, kids love his shiz. And so will you :)

Larry Strattner – Jan 04, 2010

Try reading Angus and the Ducks to the bot. Most love it.

Tracy Lucas – Nov 28, 2009

And by the way, I am in love with your "why I write" blurb. Lovely.

Tracy Lucas – Nov 28, 2009

Za-pow! Fixed! (And I could delete your comments, if you really want me to... aye? nay?)

Ben White – Sep 23, 2009

Thanks Teresa! Was I your first FW interview? I think I was. So I feel pretty special. No fan club yet (I'm pretty sure it would just be you and Jessie right now), but I'll keep an eye out.

David Erlewine – Aug 18, 2009

Looking fwd to your Legendary poem! Thanks for the kind words on my 25 or less pieces. I'm sure yours are great, too. Quite sure.

Larry Strattner – Jul 15, 2009

Thank you for the Bob the Builder correction. I missed a coma. Proofing is not one of my skills. Cheers.

David Erlewine – Jul 15, 2009

Hey there, looks like our reviews crossed! Thanks so much for your kind words (and fave) of my story. Good catch on both typos - I fixed 'em. Welcome. I love the toddler bot line, too. I have two of my own too.

Darryl Price – Jul 14, 2009

Toddler bot is hilarious. That is highly original although I suspect all of us parents know exactly what you mean.James and the Giant Peach for sure.May I recommend John Bellairs?

Gary Percesepe – Jul 13, 2009

Welcome Teresa. Jim's got it wrong--the cash wads come directly to me.



James Robison – Jul 13, 2009

Welcome. It's customary--and who knows how such things get started!--for new members of Fictionaut to send me envelopes wadded with cash.

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