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Ashwin Sodhi – Apr 19, 2010

Big fan of the Hint Fiction concept - had a mentor once tell me, "write me just one good sentence. one." he also cited the Hemmingway story you quoted, and i haven't been able to let go of the format ever since. thanks for noticing, and creating a forum for spreading the (25) words.

Peter Cole – Oct 13, 2009

that's funny. appropriate though, since I updated my picture because my hair is long now (and I'd say girlish).

Ben White – Sep 25, 2009

I was just thinking, you should "add" "corrections & clarifications" to the Nanoism group. It's short and I like it and either one I think would be more than enough of a reason.

Laura Ellen Scott – Sep 10, 2009


Ben White – Sep 07, 2009


David Erlewine – Sep 07, 2009

Hey! Great to see you here.

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