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It's all about you.

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Ask me which of my children I like best, and I'll tell you I have no children.

Ashwin Sodhi's Wall

Michelle Elvy – Jun 12, 2010

Ashwin! You are here! thanks for your read on Rock On. glad you liked it -- very nice to see you here again.

Jon Davies – May 08, 2010

Hey, thanks for the comments on the two stories. They were both responses to monthly challenges. Were it not for the word lists I was required to use, I'd have likely told the stories quite differently. The challenge for "Apocalypse" required something like sixty words, which is why some of it probably seems rather random. Your points are valid, however, should I ever go back and rewrite it for another purpose. I mean, what exactly DO these characters want, except to keep their jobs?--it's a good question. There are also likely too many characters in it, though I was at that time working on a series of shorts that all involved a kind of groupthink where singular characters melded into a kind of oneness.

Jane Hammons – Apr 25, 2010

I liked your comment about "stuttering through every rambling thought" in Pleiku Jacket. Thanks!

Michelle Elvy – Apr 24, 2010

thanks for your comment on Love, Story! Thanks for reading; will check out Patient later today...

M.H. – Apr 16, 2010

Thank you Ashwin, for your kind words on "Flotation Device" :) I look forward to reading more of your work!

Jane Hammons – Apr 15, 2010

Oh I'm a big fan of cold and heartless, done with great warmth and humanity, of course :) I teach various kinds of writing at Cal.

Jane Hammons – Apr 15, 2010

That's impressive: 3 hours on Fictionaut and 3 stars. Welcome.

Ashwin Sodhi – Apr 15, 2010

Cheers man - look forward to leaving a few stories in the ether...

David Erlewine – Apr 15, 2010

Hey bud, thanks so much for your comments to my workshop story. Really appreciate the read and the helpful title suggestion (and I love your characterization of the story). Any friend of Robb is good to go. And "Our Costume is a Kiss" is a fantastic story to choose as your first fave. Welcome to Fictionaut and the workshoppy group, Ashwin.

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