Chris Stafford

Location Usually Vancouver, but...
Occupation Chef/ Adventurous Hobo
Website http://

About Me

I live in own my world to the point of being anti-social.
I've written many things, but I take perverse pleasure
in scribbled poetry. I like challenging imagery,
word play, assonance and compicated rhyme schemes.
I don't care for rules, formatting, proper syntax, or meter.
But don't listen to me... I frequently switch styles.
I never edit; I will happily let others do it for me.
My goal is to have a closet full of words on scrap paper
that somebody else can deal with when I'm an old worn out drunk.
I'm also an unambitious-but-talented chef.
I have pretty blue eyes.

Why do you write?

I see something terrible, wonderful, or mundane.
It caroms around my shambolic brain like an angry little wasp.
I write about it in my battered notebook until it goes away,
thus preserving my mental health until the cycle begins again.
Creativity by necessity.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Haruki Murakami, Irvine Welsh, Charles Bukowski, Chuck Palahniuk,
Robertson Davies, Ernest Hemingway, Louise Gluck, Philip K. Dick,
David Brin, Octavia E. Butler, Kenziburo Oe, Henry Miller,
Kurt Vonnegut, H.G. Wells, S.M. Stirling, and more.

Ringolevio, Watership Down, Last Exit To Brooklyn,
The Walking Dead, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, and more.

Chris Stafford's Wall

Foster Trecost – Aug 31, 2011

Chris, thanks for spending a few moments with A Quiet Evening, I appreciate the read and your comments. fos.

Penny Goring – Aug 29, 2011


Bill Yarrow – Aug 27, 2011

Chris, thanks for faving "I Am Not a Corpse." I really appreciate it.

Bill Yarrow – Aug 27, 2011

Thanks, Chris, for commenting on the Euclid poem. Glad you liked it.

Welcome to Fictionaut!

Penny Goring – Aug 27, 2011

Haha! You can read my book if you want more! It's an e book on amazon & paperback on Lulu, the links are on my profile page. Or, if you're skint - it's all on my wordpress blog: 'The woman who fell to pieces'. (I'm grinning my head off here! Thanks.)

Penny Goring – Aug 27, 2011

Blimey, I can't keep up with you. Thanks for reading my stuff. Much appreciated.

Penny Goring – Aug 27, 2011

Ha! *bleats*

Penny Goring – Aug 27, 2011

Fave me all over, baby! x

Chris Stafford – Aug 26, 2011

I'm still trying to navigate myself around this site... there sure is a lot to read! I tried to publish again, but apparently I have to wait? I can do that.

Chris Stafford – Aug 26, 2011

Hello Misti, and thanks.

Penny Goring – Aug 26, 2011

glad you liked Bone Dust x

Misti Rainwater-Lites – Aug 26, 2011

Hello Chris. Can't wait to read more of your words.

Chris Stafford – Aug 26, 2011

Thanks, Robert. Glad to be here!

Robert Vaughan – Aug 25, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, Chris!

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