Carpe Mentis

by Chris Stafford

suspicious brain.
scheming, logical. combatant.
rigid and pliant paradox,
precise but temperamental.
machine utility of thought,
intangible aesthetic of sentiment.

esoteric charlatan; hidden arts
perhaps more trouble than benefit.
destruction over creation,
confusion over revelation;
discouragement over satisfaction.

the most complex structure in the universe

a blood supply drunkard;
our skull might contain a dinosaur
becoming too large and ponderous,
too demanding of nourishment;
consuming more and more.

in time they might overrun us
with infinite cleverness; shedding flesh husks.
massive brains, convoluted gray and pink
free of superfluous body functions;
scornful of eyes, hands, and mouths.

hateful fearless brains with nervous tails
eager to destroy each other.