Tracy Lucas

Location near Nashville
Occupation Person.

About Me

I am a writer, an editor, a mom, and occasionally whatever else I need to be to help pay the bills. I'm a little nuts, but a lot sincere. At least, I hope so.

I also edit Smash Cake Magazine, located at

Why do you write?

I write because, cliche as it may sound, stopping hurts.

Tracy Lucas's Wall

Mark Reep – Jun 21, 2011

Tracy, thanks for your comments on 'Bukowski'. We're all guilty, aren't we. And oddly unrepentant :) Best!

Mark Reep – May 16, 2011

Hi Tracy, thanks for taking time to read Last Bell, and for the kind words. Much appreciated!

Marcus Speh – Apr 18, 2011

i felt like stopping by. thank you for calling "little people" twisted. cheerio and i hope you're well!

Meg Pokrass – Apr 10, 2011

hi you! I'm so glad you like the pussy story! I had so much fun writing it and coming up with tags!

Catherine Davis – Feb 13, 2011

Tracy, thanks for your post on my wall - just found! Nice to meet you here, and I look forward to reading your work, too.

Sly V. Rourke – Sep 05, 2010

Thank you, Tracy, re My Sweet Warrior. Always nice to hear you liked something I wrote.

Michelle Elvy – Jul 25, 2010

Thanks, Tracey, for your comment on Bedtime Story. I like being PEZ, even if I'm not quite sure what it means. Sounds groovy. Thank you!

Mark Reep – May 14, 2010

Hi Tracy- Nice to see your smiling face too :)

Stephanie Bobo – Apr 25, 2010

Tracy, thank you so much for reading and commenting on "Classmates"--glad it made you remember things we forget about those girls!

Foster Trecost – Apr 09, 2010

Hi Tracy, thanks for reading Eight States Away, and for your thoughtful comments, too. foster.

Martha Williams – Apr 09, 2010

Hi, Tracy - thank you for the lovely welcome.

David Erlewine – Dec 02, 2009

Damn, you know how to make someone's day. Thanks..Tracy re Almost Shaped and my writing, generally.

David Erlewine – Dec 02, 2009

Hey Tracy, your comments on "Hurlophobia" are a gift. Thanks so much. David

Teresa Houle – Nov 28, 2009

AH, let the world know me for the dweeb I am.

Teresa Houle – Nov 27, 2009

OMG! I typed your instead of you're and there's nothing I can do about it. It's there for everyone to see. I might as well type in text speak from now on.

Teresa Houle – Nov 27, 2009

um, hello? One more site to stalk each other at and I'm not even one of your contacts yet? Sheesh...seems your not quite done updating your profile according to my calculations.

Ben White – Nov 13, 2009

Way to be awesome and read a bunch of my stuff Tracy. Big grinning thanks from me.

David Erlewine – Oct 28, 2009

Thanks so much, Tracy, for your kind notes while I was sleeping. They are wonderful!

Tracy Lucas – Oct 28, 2009

Thanks D.P. & David. Glad to be here!

Darryl Price – Oct 27, 2009

Tracy, we're happy to have you with us!

David Erlewine – Oct 27, 2009

Welcome and thanks for all of your great comments, Tracy. When you jump, you JUMP!

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