Losing (Valentine's Day Massacre Poem)

by xTx!

He will be happy with clean sheets when he gets home so

she does that and he thanks her as

he slides

in between them and

the four thighs

of the two girls as

she watches from the chaise

he gave her on their

Crystal Anniversary


She will admire his finesse

as his earnestness tears apart

their young flesh

with rabid ferocity

scaring her into four powerful

orgasms that echo



Paid and laid, they leave.


They fuck in the shower and

afterwards he helps her

into that black dress

because the doorbell should ring soon

once if the men are punctual

twice if they are not


The next day

at the office the

post-Valentine's Day




The ladies parade their new glitterings

their tales of crystal glasses, champagne

roses and

when her turn comes she says,

“Oh, you know, the usual…”

and with the wisdom they have of

her heavy burden of

matrimonial years they


her out

of the running