You Friend Me On Facebook

by xTx!

I'm like,

holy shit,

clicking yes

pillaging your profile

pics a

face I haven't seen in


25 years?


You look just like your mom

she says

I LOL her and say, funny

cuz you look just like yours


(she does)


I study her pics, her eyes,


to reconcile

the kid I recall

on the face

of the 40 year old I see so

weathered now


The man she is with

looks like

every drunk

her mother would bring home

when we were


swing set swinging…

playhouse playing…

What's Happening watching…

You guys had powdered milk I remember

only apples for snacks

holes in the walls from


baseball bats…

best friends, but

you'd steal things you

wanted, never had,

never would,

from my treasure box

I'd find them in your room

steal them back

never telling

doctor playing


your brother, his bedroom

drug dealing chasing

you with his

belts, baseball bat, boots, blood, you

dropped out of school and

(I heard) befriended




they found

your fag-killing brother dead

at 25

in the gulley behind

our grade school

brains outside

of his head my

mom sent flowers


Do you remember these things?


I want to write this

on her wall

but I don't.


It has already been written.