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Dan Tricarico – Dec 08, 2009

Even before joining Fictionaut, I e-mailed myself the link to your story "My Girlfriend Leaves the Atmosphere" in Smokelong. First of all, that's one killer title. Secondly, it's one of those stories that you read and say, "Wish I'd written that." I'm glad to see you here. I look forward to more.

Corey Zeller – Oct 08, 2009

What's up? How is the future? Let me know cause I might make it there after all.

David Erlewine – Sep 17, 2009

Ha, what a great note to get from you, Angi. Yes, indeed sounds like you and I were some strange kiddos. Keep up the fantastic work. I love reading it.

David Erlewine – Sep 15, 2009

Fantastic piece in The Collagist. "Some days she freezes to death and the house is nice and quiet so I can pretend I’m home alone." This story hit me hard. When I was a kid, I used to pretend to die while babysitting my younger brother. Used to freak him out. It always felt weird to do, and I can still remember faking it. I wasn't anywhere as creative as Francie. I'd just fall down during a TV show and yell, "my stomach" before going silent.

Tim Jones-Yelvington – Aug 28, 2009

Hi Angi!

Darryl Price – Aug 27, 2009

"I like strange lights in the sky." My favorite quote of yours from the blog. Welcome aboard. Don't worry. You'll do just fine.

David Erlewine – Aug 27, 2009

"Everything Is Inevitable" - fantastic work. “Eh,” I say. “You know. Went out with that guy again. It was okay.” That line kills me.

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