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Why do you write?

I probably haven't been through any more than other people. But I like to think I have paid attention to it a little more. I have "felt" the things that happened to me. I am a romantic at heart. I am pleased with most things I have done in my life. I am happy when I reflect on them. I think people do things for reasons, outside of normal reaction. I like to ponder on those reasons.

Any favorite authors? Books?

James Thurber. Edgar Allen Poe. Stephen King. S.E. Hinton was the first author who I really liked.

Steele Diamond's Wall

Gloria Garfunkel – Dec 31, 2012

Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful comment on Conversation.

Gary V. Powell – Oct 21, 2012

Thanks for the kind comment and fave on "The Songs of Townes Van Zandt." He touched and continues to touch many people. Glad you enjoyed.

Lillian Ann Slugocki – Oct 20, 2012

Hi Steele, thanks for your comment, always encouraging particuarly when embarking on a new project

Gloria Garfunkel – Oct 09, 2012

Werewolf, for sure, a howl.

Gloria Garfunkel – Sep 20, 2012

Glad you enjoyed From the Neck Up.

Gloria Garfunkel – Sep 20, 2012

About riding my brain through New Jersey, you have NO IDEA how much horror show shit I am leaving out. Be glad you are just reading the edited stories.

Gloria Garfunkel – Sep 19, 2012

Thank you for your comment on Allergies. Yes, a regimen of shots would do the whole world good.

Susan Rukeyser – Aug 29, 2012

Thanks for your comments on Stuck Shut, much appreciated!

Gary V. Powell – Aug 26, 2012

Steele, thanks for the read and wonderful comment on "Low Country Boil."

Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 23, 2012

Thanks for your comments on my Anne Frank piece.

Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 20, 2012

Dylan , one of my all time favorites in relation to Birds of Prayer? You warm my heart. You've no idea.

Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 09, 2012

thank you so much for the double WOW for Fairy Tale in Dachau. It was much appreciated.

Ilana Haley – Aug 03, 2012

Hi Steel,
Yes, this is dark. You are correct. I suppose that going through four wars and see my friend and family killed had caused me to write kind of dark poems and stories. Thank you for commenting. This is my first post on this site.
Lady I
Ilana :)

Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 03, 2012

Thanks for your funny comment on There's Going to be a Test at the End. Did you pass it?

Lisa Abellera – Jul 14, 2012

Hi Steele. Thank you so much for reading my story and for your comments.

Marcy Dermansky – Jul 13, 2012

Steele! It looks like you have already made some friends. Welcome to Fictionaut. I am glad you like it here!

Jaime Franchi – Jul 13, 2012

I'm totally new here and just saw that I have a "wall." I also didn't think anyone had seen The Sweet Spot here and it was bumming me out. Thank you for reading nd commenting! I love your work.

Meg Pokrass – Jul 10, 2012

Hi Steele. a lovely piece you posted for Sian's birthday.


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