Consecutive Transplants

by Steele Diamond

The heart has always been on the sleeve


Tonya really needed a heart

She was too young to know

Never forgetting it

Michele found it in paradise

But didn't know what to do with it

Watched it fade away

Bobbi could have easily had it forever

But left it on the field in the rain

The night everyone celebrated

Cindy wanted it for a minute

Held it tight

Until a better one came along



Karen stole the heart

That Tonya never knew she owned

And Michele didn't know how to hold

And Bobbi wasn't ready for

And Cindy passed on


But Karen dropped it

Watched it shatter

When she was done with it

Janie stepped over the pieces

On the way to life

Running too fast

Teri tried to pick it up

Only getting a few pieces 

She threw them away later

Cindy found most of the pieces 

And glued it back together

Planning to keep it forever this time

But Sue knew it was up for grabs

Took it from Cindy's back pocket

When she wasn't looking 

Took it halfway around the world

Left it on a nightstand in a hotel there

That is where Monica found it tired and used