The Random of It All

by Steele Diamond

When I bumped my head

I almost fell to the ground

Not so much stars

As flashes of lights

That looked like sparklers

My mother chasing the dog

She never catches it

The cat sits on a nearby chair

It's head moving as the dog does

Apparently smiling

The young man sits naked

Leaning back on his elbows

My sister's head in his lap

He has no dick

Until she turns to smile at me

Holding her hand and pulling her

Almost running along

The rain is falling hard

If she tripped and fell

I would leave her

He doesn't love her enough

Not as I would

But she spends every night with him

I spend every night at home

Or at the movies

Fresh air fills my lungs

A slight cough sounds distance

The sparklers flash

I open my eyes wide

Still standing at the bus stop