Words are Words are Words

by Steele Diamond

Words are words are words.

On my honor...the start of the Boy Scout Oath.

I was always told a man was only as good as his word. I thought the start of the Scout Oath was true.

I thought you should not fall in love easily, and you should fall in love deeply. I thought you were to treat a woman with respect.

A hard day's work was rewarded with a day's pay.

Honesty is the best policy.

The big one; do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

Words are words are words.

What is “my” honor really worth? I was a Boy Scout. I am an Eagle Scout. Does anyone care? I know what it means. That and $3.18 gets me a cup of coffee at 7-11.

My word is only as strong as the person who hears it. They don't care about my word. They care about everyone else's word they have heard in the past. That diminishes the worth of mine.

When you fall in love deeply, the other person doesn't. So you just end up getting hurt. When you treat a woman with respect, she often sees that as a weakness. She doesn't want respect, until you are gone.

My hard day's work has always amounted to more than the pay at the end.

If you are the only honest one, it is rarely advantageous. By rarely, I mean never. You express true feelings, honest feelings. Everyone looks for your agenda.

I have never had anyone do unto me, as I have done unto them, or anyone else.

Words are words are words.