Kevin Myrick

Location Rome, Georgia, United States
Occupation writer/journalist

About Me

I'm a writer and journalist currently living in Rome, Ga.

Previously, I attended Auburn University where I earned a bachelor's of arts in English with a concentration on creative writing.

People could describe me as a rambler of sorts - having lived in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virgina in my 25 years - but I'd like to think of myself personally as a small town man whose lived a big city life.

Most of my work up to this present point has been in the short form, with the exception of the first draft of a novel I wrote during my junior year titled "Stuck in the Elevator." I've also had a short story and an essay featured in the Spring 2007 edition of The Auburn Circle.

Check out a more thorough resume of my work at

Why do you write?

I write firstly for the pleasure of telling a story - mainly just for myself - and place the needs of the reader firmly in the back seat. It sounds completely backwards for what writers consider the typical creative process, but its the way I work.

My creativity is fueled by the passion for realism, so many of the stories I craft I look for a simple dialect in the voice of my characters and smart prose. I would say I achieve those goals in about one out of every 10 stories I write.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I could go on and on about the authors and books that I've drawn inspiration from over the past few years, but chief among them are Nick Hornby and his novels "High Fidelity" and "About a Boy;" Garrison Keillor's Saturday radio program on NPR "A Prarie Home Companion" and his novel "Lake Wobegon Days." The work of Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, E.B. White, Tom Wolfe, Kurt Vonnegut and even Tom Clancy are chief among the authors on my book shelves.

Kevin Myrick's Wall

Robert Vaughan – Feb 02, 2011

Hi Kevin,

Congrats on your chapbook! Michelle Elvy posted the link in the General Forums!

George LaCas – Jul 24, 2010

s/b Gothy

George LaCas – Jul 24, 2010

Hi Kevin, thanks for your comment-in-haiku to "These Goth Days" - GL

Michelle Elvy – Jul 20, 2010

Thanks, Kevin, for the comment and fave on French Kiss. Glad you liked the knee jammed up against the dashboard. Pretty sure it was worth it.

Susan Tepper – Jun 13, 2010

Kev, great interview on the blog about the Flag Day Challenge!

See ya – Jun 11, 2010

What a fine thing to have done, taking the time to read my story and offering thoughtful comments. Thanks, hoss.

Bill Yarrow – Jun 09, 2010

Thanks, Kevin, for your kind words about "Raymond Chandler and His Wife." I appreciate your comment very much.

Estelle Bruno – May 12, 2010

Kevin, My re-writen story "Omaha" is still saying "deleted" when I click on the challenge. Could you please get rid of the delete, since I think I did a good job the second try. thanks.

Jim Breslin – May 05, 2010

Funny piece Kevin! I went to follow you on Twitter and saw that I already am! Your hatless picture threw me off! LOL!

Susan Tepper – Apr 25, 2010

Kevin, your story The Serious Writer Tracks His Stats is so great, I keep thinking of the smoking computer

Jack Swenson – Apr 20, 2010

Kevin, I'm glad you liked my nutty stories. Loony Tunes indeed, huh?

Nathaniel Tower – Apr 18, 2010

Kevin, thanks for commenting on "The Grand Unfurl." It was a joy to write the piece.

Jane Hammons – Apr 16, 2010

Thanks for the Flag Day challenge. I'm not sure Pleiku Jacket would have come forward without it.

M.H. – Apr 02, 2010

Love the Fictionaut Faves April's Fools Edition, Kevin :) Bravo!

Doug Bond – Apr 01, 2010

Kevin -- terrific job on running the Fool's Day prompt. Appreciate all your work here and on your blog. Thanks!

Jason McCormick – Mar 27, 2010

McQueen! Thanks for the comments, Kevin.

sara t. – Mar 25, 2010

Kevin, thanx for commenting on "gods sense of humor". I responded to your comment on the story's wall.

Adios – Mar 22, 2010

Thanks Kev, I appreciate the read!

Meg Pokrass – Mar 20, 2010

wow, thank you for your very nice words about my story, "Yield, Retract, Step, Freeze"!

Michael J. Solender – Feb 26, 2010

Are you aware of Like The Dew? - always looking for writers. No $ but maybe soon. Great southern cultural perspectives.

Thx btw for the nod on my piece. the "certain" bit was a deliberate device to cause discomfort.

Jack Swenson – Feb 24, 2010


Glad you liked my story. Thanks!

Kim Conklin – Feb 19, 2010

Hey, Kevin, thanks for the read and the comment. Can't wait to read about Beauregard!

Katrina Gray – Feb 11, 2010

Welcome to Fictionaut, Kevin. Another Southerner! Thanks for reading and supporting "Peach."

Finnegan Flawnt – Feb 11, 2010

hey kevin. about that archive mystery in my study: thanks for saying that out loud ('elves'). it was on my mind but everybody would've called me a sentimental old geezer had i said it. or worse, a LOTR fan.

Carol Reid – Feb 08, 2010

Thanks again, Kevin, I appreciate the read and comments.

Foster Trecost – Feb 02, 2010

Hi Kevin. Thanks for the read and comments. foster.

Carol Reid – Jan 28, 2010

Hey, Kevin, thank you for your comments on my story!

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