When technology fails

by Kevin Myrick

This was the worst possible time for his cell phone to stop working. He was lost and speeding toward a job interview already running late, then all hell broke loose for him when the flashing blue lights swarmed on him like an angry nest of yellow jackets.

Maybe if he explained the situation to the officer calmly everything would have been OK. But Jeffrey was flabbergasted and couldn't explain to the officer why he was speeding. All he could manage to get out as an attack of Tourette syndrome hit were nasty, flamboyant obscenities. The Alabama state trooper wasn't amused.

In jail, the situation got worse. Another attack kicked in and the biggest guy in the room wasn't pleased about what he said about his mother. He ended up in the infirmary with a concussion and three teeth knocked out of his head. He decided then that he'd sue the State of Alabama for his troubles.

All of this, he thought from a hospital bed, was because his damn cell phone stopped working. It's a wonder how much technology takes over one's life.