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Before she walks to the porch, she stands beside the car, exhaling the evening: the draining intellectual banter of the social maw, the glasses of champagne, the handshakes and awkward silences, the talk of books she hadn't yet read and of books she'd read but…


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Listen, I don’t want to get all teary and here I am getting all teary, but it’s not what you think. What it is is that I think about that very first time, when she comes out of the bathroom completely naked and she looks like heaven’s very best neig


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In Honduras they say a prayer that sounds like screaming at the top of your lungs...


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Two thousand and two was the worst year for love in the history of sports. People carried their sadness around in wheelbarrows.

House on Fire

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I started the fire. I started the fire in my room. I started the fire in my room because I was cold. I figured something small, in an old oil drum I kept in there, and no one would get hurt.

Cubicle Genie*

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At the TV station across the street two sports team mascots are dancing and miming for the cameras. There are some young men wearing baseball caps at the viewing window simulating sex acts for the cameras.

A story

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When I step out the door dad has the engine started and the sound travels clear on the gravel drive.


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The boy ate, the girl considered it.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation…600mg Twice Daily

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I didn't realize it at the time, but my favorite summer vacation was the 30 days spent as an in-patient at a psychiatric unit for teenagers. I was fed, watered, medicated and entertained. It made me who I am today.

Easter Sunday

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It was Easter Sunday at the Ezra Baptist Church; everything was dressed in white for the wedding being held after the morning service remembering Christ’s resurrection. The congregation was packed in like sardines with out of town relatives on that day

Kick the ball straight and follow through

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She dragged the pink toes of her gym shoes as she shuffled to the batter's box, leaving two, thin straight lines in the packed-down dust behind her.

Day Late, Dollar Short

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Let's go through this one more time, the account holder, my grandmother is deceased. Dead people don't pay medical bills.

A pot of tea helps to pass the evening

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Charlie Parker never had a gig like this. I imagined he did, once, like me, steep mushrooms and make a potion, though I doubt he plodded through thick snow, soaking his sneakers and savoring the cold licking his toes, and making a contract with the full moon, to never…

The Game

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She would turn her back to me and giggling commence with "green light" at which point I would begin tearing my clothes off...

The Animals

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You're fetching coffee in the kitchen and your mother is patrolling the area with her brutalizing eye. She hands you the cream. Her big pooch can't help himself and besides. You have no idea how long it's been since a man's come in there.