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The brief, melancholic literary career of Lance Corporal Jesse A. Patterson, USMC: A Short Story as Cinema

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Voiceover: Dear Mary Beth, I'm okay, but the weather is hot, real hot, hot like we never knew back home, hotter than dog days at the beach. Soon, the monsoons and a season underwater, a season of mud and so wet … a wet that never takes a break. We

The Cry of Freedom

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"Only the gods in heaven can do such things," he shouted back, his voice hoarse and parched from no water for two days. "Wouldn't your God have saved you by now if he had the power?"


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It was as if a car bomb went off in Beaver Cleaverville.

The Serious Writer Tracks His Stats

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The officers carried him away in cuffs as he yelled "I NEED STATS! PLEASE! JUST GIVE ME THE STATS!"

Playing Possum

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"You're going to have to call me 'dead eye' after I get this possum."

Along Came Doreen

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I didn't really know her. Yet, to me, she and her friends epitomized the local hip scene.

At Seventeen

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Mild sexual reference, hardly worth mentioning.

The Astigmatism Of The Human Genome Project

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G 20/200 …

Doreen - II

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I had the distinct feeling she was telepathic. As that thought crossed my mind, she smiled broadly and returned my quizzical stare. It caught me off guard, wasn't what I expected.

London Fog

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I stumbled out of the Ten Bells pub, still a bit tipsy from the absinthe, but had a clear vision of what I wanted to have happen this night. The air was cold on my rosy cheeks, so I shielded my face…

The Exhibit

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She had written down Bailey’s new address even though she knew that he could not stay in the same place for more than six months.

Doreen - III

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Male genitals were usually portrayed diminutively in classical art. After forty minutes in a drafty room without cloths on, I was beginning to understand why.

Percy's Night Out

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Percy Webb walked in the door of Dunnagan’s, and he paused at the edge of the barroom’s soft hazy light.

Kumquat Soda

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Pam spied her ex-husband, Steve, at a Whole Foods market. He was buying red organic grapes, seedless grapes, the type of grapes that babies choke on.

King of the Mountain

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Daniel told himself to push. -- push harder than he'd ever pushed himself before. He reminded himself of what his father once told him: don't give in to pain. Be a real man. You can take it.