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A Fragmentary Vision

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55 words in my WP

I heard the news today, oh boy!

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They filled your heart with joy, you said. But then they broke it.


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The bombast, the blow hard, the guy who can't shut the fuck up. You name him Bluster-fuck. You trip into the room dragging your overnight and say hello. You've arrived after a two-hour drive in the unairconditioned rattle-trap. A guest of your friends Henry and Layla, he's…

WTF! Godot, a Sex Addict?

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The man in the gray trench coat showed up around a quarter to eight.

Bud Business? Booming!

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A campaign of brutality became necessary to assure it never happened.

The Corners

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For years I dreamed of murder. Truck drivers, bikers, hitchhikers. More often the girl whose family was driving her to college.

The Way is Dark, the Road Long

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The day I got out of prison the sun was shining.


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Welcome aboard the N62.

Table for one

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Black tagliatelle with squid and funghi porcini. He didn't understand why they called it a special, it had been in the menu since day one they had opened.


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The rustling of the dry leaves when he moved even slightly sounded like thunder to him, and he was sure if any of the other kids from the neighborhood got too close, it was the noise that would end up giving him away.


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She wanted to have an eating disorder, but she liked food too much to stop eating it and hated the taste of vomit mixed with tooth paste.


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Sometimes he made us punch pillows. "Harder!" the shrink would yell.


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Almost on cue, Xavier emerges and is in the vendor’s face. “X,” as he is known around here, is indoctrinating the obvious newbie on the merits of showing up earlier and the logistics of placeholders and markers.

The domino theory

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By way of warning - Contains explicit violence -

Working things out in my head

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A shot in the dark and everything goes black. It's as if the story never happened.