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Leaving Las Vegas

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Now I'm out of fuel and on the side of the road, walking into the darkened trees, smearing mud on myself. I live in the forest now, I'll make a weapon from a simple rock and prosper.

Food that Heals

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past five years, you’ve certainly heard of Patricia Little and the chocolate chip cookies that saved thousands. Nevertheless, let’s start from the beginning.


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Something at play between the eyes and the mouth, a collaboration among the laugh-lines at the corners of each that signals the game is still afoot.


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There is one particular dog, she's one of those hot dog ones, and fast too.

The Next Act

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The first person to show up at the door is wearing a pink flamingo head with a fake bloody ax sticking out the side of it. I know something’s up. It’s the morning of November 1 and I’m not much in the mood for pranksters.

Emoji Problems

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Our problems started with a few back and forth texts of emojis late one night. The next evening, a Friday, typically my poker night with the guys, my girlfriend came to the door.“You brought over pizza, how nice,” I said. “And, oh, gosh, look at that, a…

The Impending Fall Of Space Junk

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The world is always changing, even if it's in several eras at once.

The Street Of God Knows What & Other Stories

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One night he woke up with Underdog laying next to him, breathing softly. He marveled at how fiction could make reality so much better.

Very Short Stories And Pictures Of Ducks

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...the loving and very painful hurt of our daily sustenance

A Record Setting Year

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it felt fucking awesome at that moment, in that way only little things can feel huge and life affirming

Calling out the Storm

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Outside we could see the winds bursting sharply through the trees. When an oak actually bends to one side, its bad...a normal person seeks shelter.

Corkscrewing, Pt. II.

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Well, just put your hand on my knee, alone in my room, perv, unasked-and-unflirted for, go get a date, you coward, you limp-dicked male bitch . . .

Paper Planes

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Retire to Malta. Die on an island that crumbled like an oversized Ozymandias. Hang your shorts to dry from a balcony on the Mediterranean. There were worse ways to go out. He had his boots on. He never wrote. He said he saw the futility in it now. Each of

The Only Tricks We Know

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The day Eugene told me his secret he gave me a bouquet of lilies. Ice clung to the petals like fuzz. Sorry about the frost, he said. That was an accident.

Squirrel Jesus

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it was one of those days, nostalgically bathed in technicolor, kodachrome and lost shades from a more vibrant distant past. squirrel jesus sat still