Steven J. Kolbe

Location Garden City, KS
Occupation Teacher

About Me

Steven studied at NOCCA and LSU in Louisiana before earning his undergraduate and graduate degrees in English from Kansas State University. He started his writing career as a lowly student worker for the prestigious literary journal The Southern Review. If you received a formal rejection letter in the mid-2000s, he probably sealed the envelop. He has published fiction, poetry, and nonfiction in various newspapers, magazines, and journals since that time.

He lives in Southwest Kansas with his wife and three children. His debut novel How Everything Turns Away is forthcoming from The Wildrose Press.

Why do you write?

I write out of a need to clarify the many competing and contradictory thoughts running almost constantly through my mind. I write to clarify what is unrefined in my soul. I write to capture those moments with my wife and children that I don't want to lose to the ceaseless progression of time. Also, sometimes I think of a joke and want to make someone else say it.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Amy Hempel, J. D. Salinger, Flannery O'Connor, Donald Barthelme, C. S. Lewis, Shakespeare, Kafka, Marquez, Jane Austen, the New Testament...those are the heavy hitters.

Steven J. Kolbe's Wall

Jen Knox – Mar 31, 2015

Thanks for reading and commenting on My Children in Times New Roman. I look forward to reading your work here.

Jane Flett – Jul 12, 2014

Oh, Amy Hempel, yuh-huh! I always come back to her.

Neil McCarthy – Oct 02, 2013

Thanks for the comment on facing the Music Steve! Right on with the oysters. And write on with the stories!

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