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Amantine B – May 24, 2019

Thank you Erika for reading and commenting on 'Uncommon Solitude'. x

Steven Miller – Feb 22, 2019

Thanks for the comment on "Old Slavonic"! I enjoyed writing it :)

Carl Santoro – Nov 10, 2017

Thanks for your comment about little Billy. He is quite silly and always getting into a wee bit of trouble!

Adam Sifre – Oct 12, 2017

Thanks for reading October Days. Much appreciated.

Kait Mauro – Jul 15, 2017

Thank you! <3

Erika Byrne-Ludwig – Jun 13, 2017

Thank you Charlotte. How nice of you.

Charlotte Hamrick – Jun 13, 2017

I'm a little late but I want to say "Welcome", Etika.

Tim Young – Mar 31, 2017

Hi Erika. Glad to see you on Fictionaut. Thanks for the comment on 'Stranger.'

Arturo Ruiz – Mar 28, 2017

Thanks for all your kind comments, Erika!

Sam Rasnake – Mar 28, 2017

Welcome, Erika.

Kitty Boots – Mar 27, 2017

Hi, Erika. Thank you for reading and commenting on "Junkyard Angel Baby Nomad". Welcome to fictionaut.

Ray Nessly – Mar 23, 2017

Thank you for reading and commenting on "Broken Waters", Erika. And (a somewhat belated) welcome to Fictionaut!

Erika Byrne-Ludwig – Mar 22, 2017

What a nice welcome! Thank you all.

Jerry Ratch – Mar 17, 2017


David Ackley – Mar 04, 2017

Welcome, Erika!

Frankie Saxx – Mar 04, 2017

Welcome to Fictionaut!

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