Deep June Pool

by Steven Pirani

from underwater:

Don't you leave without saying goodbye, before you shake me off.
I may be the shadow that I am, but I only ever loved you.
I found you, a skeleton without a body, a boy with a dead friend.
Just remember the calm that I gave you, only I can give you that.

You are leaving me, but you need not worry.
What you have done until now will unravel itself.
Just know that you will always shoulder life's grief.
That is a curse that we all must bear.

You have been invisible, wrapped in the shadow of death.
Now, all that remains is regrowth. 
And it is hot, and loud, but necessary.

Oh, how lucky you are. Few of us ever have the joy of healing.

You're breathing in the real world now.
No longer tied in knots.
I will wait here, at the bottom of the pool.
Until I get my hands on you again.
& I will get my hands on you again.