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That old woman's got to be senile or something. The other day she asked my daughter if I had a "thing about water." Sharon told her I didn't, but then came right in and asked me, "Mother, you got a thing about water?"

Shopping Mall Santa

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The punk boys are my favorite. They come with an attitude, the piercings and the chains and the baggy pants with their underwear hanging out. I’m a punk myself, I tell them. The long white hair and beard? They’re real, my friend.

Dear Sir

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[Lights up on CLAUDE. He's holding a letter, standing.]CLAUDE: Dear sir, We regret to inform you That your (that place with cream walls and dog hair…


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Their daughter had delivered their grandchild, a boy, prematurely.

Suppose, I ask my friend

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nothing has ever happened in this or that or any other or maybe too damn many parallel universes. . . .


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When I leave to go outside, I have decisions to make. If I turn right and walk, cross the street, I could get hit by a car. If I turn left, walk and cross the street, I could get hit by a bus. If I make it to the subway station, take the rail, I coul

Consider The Son

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Don’t forget, I’ve watched the evil you’ve done to the lawn for years, not to mention the chaos you’ve made of the woodshed. Don’t you remember me showing you how to properly stack the wood?


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She'll be in that house like a rat up a drainpipe when me mam pegs it, you see if she don't.

Ramona's Monologue

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We spoke the same language. I never had to hand you Cliff's Notes or cue cards.

Three Short Pieces

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#spotify / Elevators / Sky Burial Monologue

Deep June Pool

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I may be the shadow that I am, but I only ever loved you.

On Advertising

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As you can see, egotism forms at a young age for people who end up in this industry.