Three Short Pieces

by Jowell Tan

  • #spotify
Songs, removed from their homes,
Are given new uses;
Articulating emotions that words alone
Cannot accurately describe.


  • Elevators
What do you dream about,
In your boxes in the sky?
Going up escalators or down in elevators,
Lost in thought, plotting possible futures.


  • Sky Burial Monologue
A few weeks ago I read a book that featured a sky burial, which is basically when you die your family hauls your body up to the top of a mountain and leaves it there to decompose while birds pick off your flesh and leave your bones behind, which I thought was a beautiful way to leave this world, because I look at it as God using His creatures of the sky to collect the pieces of your soul left behind on Earth and bring it back to Him so that through His work you will be reconstituted and live in Heaven with your favourite people for all Eternity.