by Jowell Tan

There is a vault in the mountains
that in itself contains infinite vaults

where world leaders store their grains
for the upcoming infinite winter. 

                                                                                        You can gather your secrets,
                                                                        your anxieties, your downheartedness

                                                                                                 you can put it in a box
                                                                                              and throw away the key.

You can bring your box to the vault in the mountains
lock it away and forget that you ever had it

you can leave relieved and live out your life
knowing that your past is behind you.

                                                                       One day, long after you've been buried
                                                                            the infinite winter will finally come

                              the vault in the mountains will have its doors flung wide open
                                                              and its infinitely numbered vaults unsealed.

                             Your box of remembrances will be unveiled
                           into an environment where you no longer exist

                            without its owner the contents will melt away
                                     it will be as if you had never lived.