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"For God's sake," my mother said. "There could be anthrax in the candy." My mother worried about me going out on Halloween.

Look No Further

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Happy people are never lonely. That’s what he said. Casey laughed, abruptly stopped, and glanced over at her summertime friend Joy who sat on the floor, fingering an ancient brass candelabrum. The candlelight flashed across her freckled young face—

Butcher Knife

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When I was young I used to carry a butcher knife to bed. My grandmother placed it in my small hands before tucking me in.

Firefly Squids

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On the fisherman boat, we were told to place the helpless firefly squids in our mouths. I watched cheeks light up like light bulbs and I wondered how barbarism could be so beautiful.


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Reining her small hands around the molded handle grips, her bottom bouncing athwart and wildly off the seat, Symphony wrenches her center of gravity inward, commandeering as much control from the road it would allow. With her breaks behaving as stubborn

Lenin's Paintings

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I was going through Lenin's jewelry and his paintings with a team of experts. I got the idea that I was hired to verify his paintings, although I didn't know he painted. When I went home people were staying with us who were actors and actresses, and


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He had fear for lunch as was his custom as they waited for the results. Today the turmoil had substance.

Karl, Master of Black Holes

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He shuffled in like an old lady and crashed into the seat, pulling his legs into his torso as best he could. He closed his eyes and moaned wretchedly. When he spoke, it was barely a whisper: “Tell me when it’s been ten minutes.”


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She had nothing left. The car went dead a mile back and she left it in darkness. She broke the heels from her shoes. It was easier to walk now. Her family lived 300 miles away. She never lived anywhere long. Not long enough to make…


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Lillian sat near a window by necessitybecause the room had so many of them, they could not be avoided. She was brushingher hair, the glossy ringlets bouncinglike bungee cords dangling from a bridge.The monotonous drone of a lawn mower mingled with the blareof music…


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Another noise, softer than the first: swish, thud. You are still. The house is very loud tonight.

Channel Zero

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A killer enters the room. No one notices, and the show goes on.

Fourteen Days In November

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The fantasies expand. With a small fatherless daughter I might finally become the rebel and the outcast I was always meant to be.

The 2nd poem.

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You came to me In the self made calm Causing quite a storm You want me to rejoice and relax? Not knowing my fears Shall we ever fly?

I know ...

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But here it was, Friday afternoon with Deborah checking MySpace for interesting bulletins or messages before she made some weekend plans, finding a blog from Fred posted that same morning with two simple sentences. "I know. I've known for a long time.