Dwight McCormick

Location Springfield Ohio
Occupation Pastor
Website http://www.preachercomic.com

About Me

Dwight is 40 years old, married, and has two young daughters. He's a Presbyterian Church USA Minister and has been for the last 12 years.

He's the youngest of three children and is the only son.

He is a stand-up comic in his spare time though his writing here is not often humorous.

Why do you write?

I draw on the flawed nature of my own personality and the relationships that exist between pastor and congregation.
I write stand-up comedy jokes. So I'm a different sort of writer. I write sermons and blogs but I'm seeking to develop a voice in fiction. I hope to write humorous fiction, but truthfully I'm expressing some darker things for now. Humor is my passion and I strongly desire to tap into that gift and share it with others.

Human frailty and the consistency of our shortcomings fascinate me. I like to name these realities and try to make them something that brings us to laughter.

I write to express frustrations, sorrows, and joys. I write to give voice to my thoughts and share the human experience with others. This helps me grasp in some small part the connection of humans with one another.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I could lie and share with you that Melville, Shakespeare, and Bronte were among the books and plays I've read many times over.

I do enjoy the books of Alexander Dumas. The Three Musketeers, and the Count of Monte Cristo are the two that I hold most dear.

I really love to read David Sedaris-Me Talk Pretty One Day, and Dress Your Family in Denim and Corduroy among others.

I like the sarcasm and insight of Samuel Clemens. His biting humor informs my own critique of Christianity and Culture.

I enjoy reading Steve Martin's novels and his books in general.

Al Franken's books amuse me as well as Carrie Fisher's. Truly not great literature-but they make me laugh-and that's a wonderful asset.
I enjoy the literature within the Bible. In particular the Hebrew Poetry of the Psalms and Isaiah.