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Nobody goes over there cause that’s where the body was found. A little one. Half in and half out the water, waded up like paper.

Odds Are

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We're on a bench in the park under some trees close to the carousel when she tells me I can't count on having a career as a professional gambler.

Headspace Sampler

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They had a special exhibit at the science center about criminalistics. I got two tickets so that I could take Robin, but then that tanked.


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CHAINSAW (n.) — 1. A portable, mechanical tool used for sawing. 2. Used primarily for the removal of foliage, branches, and dead limbs (see also AMPUTATION).


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The cops came to take Cora's daddy away the day he kept putting out cigarettes with his fingers. With a forefinger and thumb calloused as cowboy leather, he squished the orange embers and she marveled at the sizzle.

Chewing Used Gum

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On Tuesday, no ant will sting. On Tuesday, burlap becomes silk and math is vegetable simple.

If I Kiss That Girl

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Because she is waiting, seated on my hotel bed, making comments about my sonic white toothbrush being a vibrator, telling me she’s bi, gorgeous with her poly-amorous discussion and long brown curling hair, with her fawn-like face and delicate breasts, w

An Argonaut Ethos

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I was in a box. On a porcelain throne. In the acoustically annoying Executive Ladies’ Room. I had peed on the stick, and didn’t like the color I’d drawn.

Generational Loss

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I realize most automatonical authors stick to non-fiction, but if my work bears any resemblance to real automatons or events, I assure you it is purely coincidental.

You Only

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My father shakes a finger at his favorite photograph. "Hop story, you," he says, assembling meaning from shards of words. So I tell my sons his story...


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Soft, green moss crept up my shins and then spread over my thighs. I drank floodwater and snacked on the moss. A bright red mushroom sprouted from my navel. It grew fat and heavy, but I knew not to eat the intensity of its color. The air smelled salty and

Double-Decker Ballerina

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No one knew how the Sorrel Sisters did it, twisted their arms together like taut, white ropes. But it was the highlight of their strong-woman show.

The nurse left work at five o'clock

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The witch had begun her ritual thirty seconds earlier. They were destined to meet, but they never did. Destiny has a way of changing its mind on witches (nurses too, for that matter).

The Book

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The woman returns from the store with an armload of books. She reads them quickly, one by one, over the course of the next few weeks. But when she opens the last one, the woman frowns in surprise. All the pages in the book are blank. Every single one.

The Nurse

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The nurse left work at five o' clock. As was the case near every day. Some days perhaps the nurse would stay till five-thirty or six, but certainly no later. If the old man needed help after that, he'd a button beside his bed and the service could have