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Dream Girl

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Last night it had also seemed like a good idea to meet him for lunch the next day, but that morning she had misgivings. And now, in her dim corner, she wanted very much for him to go away.

Wine Country

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A wooden sign hung over the entrance. On a slab of redwood somebody had carefully carved the words, God Could and Would, if He Were Sought.

Let This Be the Beginning for I Have Sin to Spread

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A crash, a loud tear screams through the house. A coffee table continues its dutiful life as a bitch.

Obituary for a Poet Heretic

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He sat on a leather couch in the nude, blew smoke rings shaped like wild animals and picked verses out of the thick air.

Water, Water Everywhere

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It rained forty days and forty nights that month. It rained so hard that water flooded the streets.


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“They say when you hit the water; you’re going about 90 miles an hour and it’s just like hitting concrete.”

I Hear You & Other Stories

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All the attractive women in the building had secrets. He wanted to know their secrets, but they wouldn't say.


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He liked the palm tree when it first popped through the floor.


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By the time his fortieth birthday rolled around it was inevitable. He continued to fight until the very end.

Only a Memory Away

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When Uncle Dan got sent to the Alzheimer's ward, the ladies licked their lips. Fresh meat.

Himself in the Mirror

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The profession has done this before.

Hemera Rises

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The woods. They say don’t wander too far into the woods, where those ghosts can’t hear you and the moonlight won’t trace you a path. In the black crowd of trees there’s something waiting. Don’t go to the where the siren is singing...

What It Takes

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"Where is he?" "He's in a motel," Elizabeth said. "He wouldn't tell us which one. He's drunk."

Love , Devotion & Surrender

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I must have said deliverance out loud as a Ned Beatty look-alike appeared on the street accompanied by banjo-picking Appalachians. Now, I have been known to squeal like a pig, but given my new found appreciation for single use orifices, I quickly conclude


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We ate wontons until marriage became a tag on a fortune cookie. In a talk about needs he said do you even masturbate. I lied to him. In bed.(And here's my filler to get it to eligible posting size.)