E. Kirsch

Location Sarasota, Florida
Website http://

About Me

Looking for another form of expression for myself.

Why do you write?

The desire for self-expression, as well as the belief that people are just like me in my thoughts.

E. Kirsch's Wall

Foster Trecost – Mar 08, 2010

Hi Eddie - thanks for your comments on A Life Twice told, I really appreciated that.

Jack Swenson – Mar 08, 2010

Eddie, thanks for your thumbs up for "Victory." I was a journalism student at the Univ. of Minnesota back in the Dark Ages. Minored in Humanities.

Susan Tepper – Feb 03, 2010

Eddie, welcome!

Finnegan Flawnt – Feb 03, 2010

hey eddie, i welcome you and i applaud your quickflashfanatic site - good interviews, interesting read. cheerio!

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