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Super Collider

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I never pulled it off, never rode an atom through a super collider with a nose full of cocaine and a drink in my hand. Never was a bullet, zooming through the city, skin pressed to bone, nerves on fire. Never was an atom bomb, ever-exploding in slow motion, ripping off…

The Jumpers' Pool

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The way that worked was you gave the bartender a buck, and he would write your name on a square on a calendar that was behind the bar. If somebody jumped off the bridge that day, you won the pot.

Snow Storm

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"I'm going to go home now, the weather is supposed to start getting worse in an hour. Do you want a ride?"


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"What happened to you?" Carlos asks. Jake says he cut himself shaving.

Thinly Sliced Raw Fish: 4 Micros

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Right there is where I lived when I was five. The walls were paper, I was afraid of the neighborhood kids, and my dad broke the tv during the World Series.

6.0 in Eureka

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"Shit," said the Charge Nurse. "Not again."

The Witness

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We were gathered to pay our respects to Mrs. Scott, my mother's aunt. Her body was in a room just off the parlor.

The Music of the Spheres

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That evening I sat and watched the sunset. The color of the water changed from blue to black. The sky turned from pink to a star-spangled ebony. There was no moon.


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I am a mean guacamole, she once said, after a glass of wine

Notes on a Failed Town

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Very few photos of the bear remain.

Touch Me

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The blood from my palm runs across the rocky surface of the shell. I push the knife into the crease again, searching for a weakness, the one space where the two sides will gasp and then separate. You tell me it doesn’t matter.

Old Wounds

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We got married in a hospital. My bride had her appendix out the day before our wedding, so we decided to tie the knot in her room at Hoover Memorial.

A Very Quiet Evening

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I’m not sure why we chose a Tuesday, but that was the when we moved to the city.

Bobby Fischer in Budapest

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Bobby Fischer hates anyone using his name. Movies, books, stories, news articles, games. Kasparov, Spassky, even Deep Blue—he cursed them for ever having thought of his name. Whoever's thinking my name right now—burn in hell!


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Quiet. You sit quiet as a mouse in the corner. Push a little doll around and hum la-la-la so they forget you’re there while they have the cocktail hour. That’s how you find out they’re killing Grandma.