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Location San Antonio, TX
Occupation writer

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Alan Stewart Carl is a Texan writer of fiction, essays and miscellany. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Mid-American Review, Storyglossia, PANK, Monkeybicycle, decomP and other cool places. Additionally, he is a fiction editor for The Splinter Generation and is pursuing an MFA from Antioch University. He can be found down in San Antonio trying to carve out a moment of sanity while raising two wild and beautiful children. Virtually, he can be tracked down at

Alan Stewart Carl's Wall

Jon Davies – Mar 22, 2010

Yo, thanks for the feedback on Farewell Party. In a roundabout way I did end up focusing it a bit more.

See ya – Dec 02, 2009

Was happy to search and fine you here, Alan. Okay, that sounded a little strange. I imagined myself with ropes, climbing ridges, snow flying.

Franklin Goodish – Nov 18, 2009

Damn, man, fantastic piece in Staccato Fiction. For a second I thought it was going to be about Linda Gray. Such a sad, biting story.

David Erlewine – Oct 22, 2009

Ha, no I'm just nomadic. I grew up in big D and then many years later left Baltimore for a year of writing in Austin. Then I lived for awhile with my brother in Houston (he was getting phd at Rice). Really enjoyed Austin. Have heard great things about Antioch. Good on you. Will link your website on mine tonight (meant to last night).

David Erlewine – Oct 21, 2009

Oh and I gots two wild and beautiful kids too.

David Erlewine – Oct 21, 2009

Great piece, Alan. I lived in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Quite the CV above!

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