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It’s never good to get arrested on an empty stomach.


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Ok so oops. I messed that up. I made it sexual when it was sweet. Oops. I swear it was the beer. Ok I lie. I always lie.


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Nobody goes over there cause that’s where the body was found. A little one. Half in and half out the water, waded up like paper.

To The Woman Who Sat With Her Back To The Door

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Such a curious smell in the air tonight: part skunk, part fire, part rubber of your tire, pulled liquid hot across that road.


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The sommelier’s hand stalled in mid-air and hung there, frozen and limp, above the middle-point of the table, above the salt and the pepper, and above the single pink rose in the flat black vase.


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We read books about colts

The Union Forever

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Every White Stripes album has a song starting with little: “Little People.” “Little Bird.” “Little Room.” “Little Acorns.” “Little Ghost.”

Found Out

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Things aren't looking good for Oedipus. He just found out that the parents he ran from—the father he'd been fated to kill and the mother he'd been fated to marry—weren't his birth parents. A messenger just told him. Now he knows. He hadn't escaped what…

JULY ---5: KHAN IT BE (1) *

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A book of poetry rustled on a sunny spot of Martian greenery at their feet.

Romper Room with Beer

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Romper Room with Beer We go out for a thin New York Pizza at Lanesplitter’s over on Telegraph and watch the drunks staggering out of the bar across the street to have a smoke on the sidewalk, since you can’t smoke inside bars anymore. They ga

Ice Shelf the Size of Manhattan Breaks Off Canadian Island

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Ice Shelf the Size of Manhattan Breaks Off Canadian Island And they started building all over it immediately. Especially on the upper East Side, snobs with actual blue blood in their veins. Bearded taxi drivers mumbling in 56 languages began run

Giant Piece of Art Causes Chaos in Switzerland

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Flying Piece of Art Causes Chaos in Switzerland (from news article, with some additions) A giant inflatable dog turd by an American artist blew away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss Museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a gree

Chinese Apples

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Mother still calls pomegranates “Chinese apples,” much to my embarrassment.

An Open Letter to Geraldo Rivera, Who Witnessed Me Getting Fired for Stealing a Cherry Danish Two Summers Ago

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So, this was tripping me out: These dudes were hacking down a wall with axes and running around in big yellow coats and gas masks like that scene in E.T.—when everything in the house is covered in plastic and dudes in biohazard suits are walking around

Proust's Moustache

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My brother and I had often debated whether we could get our father to shave his moustache off, just to see if his sophistication remained intact without it.