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The Velocity of a Clitoris

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Unfortunately, the question had a similar impact on me that a command not to have thought about rhinoceroses would have—once suggested, I could think of little else

Why Your Parents Are Republicans

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Plastic utensils. Your parents love them. They love them so much that they wash them. They wash them so often the plastic grows cloudy and weak. Prongs break off the forks, their limbs amputated and muted. Stabbing food was never…

Power Ballad

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Her eyes were brown. But he wasn’t sure. He looked again: her eyes were blue. Her eyes were blue, and looking straight at him.

Living Guilt-Free in These United States

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Back when Richard was still skinny and mean, we fought at The Island. He broke a pool stick over my head. I bruised more than his ego. We fought over a woman, as always. We were best friends and that’s what we did. W

Dumb-dumb Bird

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Dumb-dumb bird sat down disrupt and abrupt. Dumb-dumb bird didn't understand I need space and there wasn't any space here for her squawking and turquoise bubble coat. Dumb-dumb bird got mad when I had to school her with several elbow jabs. She should know but soon found out…

Children are always beautiful

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“Your children are beautiful,” she said, handing back his wallet after removing several bills. Her mouth was fringed by bitten-off melon lipstick, a calm kind of mad. She told him to call her Sally, “like the song McCartney rips his lungs on.” She…

Yeah, yeah, it takes two

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I'm rushing from the office, wanting to catch the 6.05, skittering down grey, commuter-laden streets, and I turn into the plaza and see the stupid fucking dancing couple. They are usually only there Fridays and weekends, catching the tourists on their way into Covent…

Once She'd Been a Brunette

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They shave their hair together, before she even starts to lose hers. It's to show how much I support you, he says, and she appreciates the gesture even as she suspects their twin bald heads will only add to the public stares she fears more than anything.

You Only

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My father shakes a finger at his favorite photograph. "Hop story, you," he says, assembling meaning from shards of words. So I tell my sons his story...

Ghost Town

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Soft, green moss crept up my shins and then spread over my thighs. I drank floodwater and snacked on the moss. A bright red mushroom sprouted from my navel. It grew fat and heavy, but I knew not to eat the intensity of its color. The air smelled salty and


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Guilt washed over me… Guilt for having been relieved that the victim had not been my Gracie… Guilt for having been relieved that I didn’t have to mourn her loss.


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If you run into my Aunt Lucille, put your head down and keep walking. She knows when a person is going to die. She knows when a fatal disease is heading your way and she doesn't keep it to herself. She told my best friend, Mary Lou Pierce, don't bother

The Wind Chill Factor Kicked In

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People disappeared in the 70's—young girls, teenagers, they always said they ran away. Nobody really believed that the next-door neighbor was capable of that kind of horror. These two girls disappeared and the police had been digging up the farm of t

Double-Decker Ballerina

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No one knew how the Sorrel Sisters did it, twisted their arms together like taut, white ropes. But it was the highlight of their strong-woman show.