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Location English seaside

About Me

My novel in progress - Salted - was chosen as one of the four finalists in the Faber/Book Tokens Not Yet Published Award, and I won Waterstone's 2009 Bookseller's Bursary. My short stories have won prizes and been published in many lovely places (amongst them - PANK, elimae, Neon, Pulp.Net, 3:AM, Dogzplot, FRiGG, CRT, Kill Author, Flashquake, Foundling Review, See You Next Tuesday, Red Peter) I review for Waterstone's Books Quarterly, Pulp Net & The Short Review, and have written non-fiction articles for a variety of publications, including Writer's Market.

Why do you write?

It's how I think.

Any favorite authors? Books?

All time favourite novel is "The trick is to keep breathing" by Janice Galloway.

Fave novelists and short story writers (in random order)

Douglas Coupland, Janice Galloway, Lorrie Moore, A.L. Kennedy, Dave Eggers, Ali Smith.

Fave poets

Les Murray, Sylvia Plath, Charles Bukowski

Sara Crowley's Wall

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 09, 2012

Hullo, Sara - great that you're here :)

Sara Crowley – Dec 03, 2010

Hey Beate! I haven't actually visited here for ages but was emailed notification of your comment so popped in. Glad I did, this place is cool! It's good to *see* you here.

Beate Sigriddaughter – Dec 02, 2010

Didn't know you were here. Now I do. Good to run into you here.

Michelle Tandoc – Feb 04, 2009

So glad to be here with ya, Sara. :)

Joel Willans – Feb 03, 2009

Howdy, Missus. You're always on the telly!

Martin Reed – Feb 02, 2009

Hello, trouble. How's stuff?

C.J.F – Feb 02, 2009

Hi Sara, great to see you here. Haha, getting into the fictionaut ways. Some great hits you've got on your bio.

Kellie Mote – Nov 19, 2008


Sara Crowley – Nov 18, 2008

I was glad of the welcome though Barry, I'd hate you to think I wasn't!

And, hi Corey, thanks for the good wishes.

Tania! Yay!

Tania Hershman – Nov 18, 2008

I feel pressure to say it.. say it.. Sara! Fancy seeing you here! (A little different but not great, sorry).

barry graham – Nov 17, 2008

i was just saying what they already said. it feels good to do that sometimes.

Corey Zeller – Nov 15, 2008

What's up, Sara? Hope things are going well.

Sara Crowley – Nov 14, 2008

I thank you for the welcomes. Is it a little weird that the 3 of you all said exactly the same thing? Is it a fictionaut rule?


I am glad to be here, and look forward to exploring and hopefully contributing.

barry graham – Nov 11, 2008

hi, sara. great to see you here.

Elaine Chiew – Nov 11, 2008

HI sara, great to see you here.

Meg Pokrass – Nov 10, 2008

Hi, Sara! Great to see you here!

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