Rachel J. Fenton

Location Auckland
Occupation Writer/artist
Website http://snowlikethought.blogspot.com
IM (MSN) teaforthetiller@hotmail.com

About Me

I write and draw stories and poems. Some win prizes.

Most recently rubbed shoulders with Ben Okri and other talented writers in Cooked Up: food fiction from around the world, and Poems for a Liminal Age, an anthology in aid of Medecins sans Frontieres, and Cooked Up: food fiction from around the world.

Co-editor of groundbreaking women's comics anthology Three Words http://www.beatnikshop.com/products/three-words

Why do you write?

It's my longest relationship.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Too many!

Rachel J. Fenton's Wall

Rachel J. Fenton – Sep 08, 2013

Oh, excellent, Michelle!

Michelle Elvy – Sep 07, 2013

Thank you so much for the enthusiastic comment on Cornfield, Rae! Yes, and yes! It is... :)

Rachel J. Fenton – Aug 11, 2013

No worries, Michelle - good to read you!

Michelle Elvy – Aug 11, 2013

Thanks for stopping by to read my little Berlin love story, Rae. Glad that worked for you. Good seeing you here!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jul 22, 2013

Great device, Elizabeth - best of luck - if this story is anything to go by, your collection will be a success.

Elizabeth Kate Switaj – Jul 22, 2013

Thank you for your comment on "Out of Uniform". I'm working on a whole series of short-shorts told by objects.

Rachel J. Fenton – Jul 24, 2012

No worries, Meg. :)

Meg Pokrass – Jul 24, 2012

Rachel - thank you very much for your nice words about my story "Night Flower" - very strongly appreciated! best, meg

Rachel J. Fenton – Jul 21, 2012

I enjoyed it very much, Bill. I hone in very quickly on stuff I like.

Bill Yarrow – Jul 21, 2012

Thanks for faving the Tapeworm poem, Rachel. Appreciate it very much!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jul 16, 2012

Con - was it meant to have? I enjoyed it!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jul 16, 2012

Bill, a pleasure to read you!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jul 16, 2012

Meg - you're welcome - it was a fun comment to read too!

Con Chapman – Jul 15, 2012


Thanks for reading and commenting "Love one another or die." I thought it had disappeared.

Bill Yarrow – Jul 15, 2012

Hi, Rachel. Thanks for faving "Finland." Wonderful comment also.

Meg Pokrass – Jul 14, 2012

thank you Rachel for your comment about "Blue-Lit"! I love James Robison's comments, they are little stories! best, meg

Rachel J. Fenton – Jun 22, 2012

Hey, no worries, Lucinda :)

Lucinda Kempe – Jun 11, 2012


Thank you for commenting on Flashing and Mogo. Glad you liked the last line. Cyberhugs!

Rachel J. Fenton – May 07, 2012

Thanks, Mark, I enjoy your work. And thanks for your kind words about "Rogue Trading".

Mark Reep – May 07, 2012

Rachel, thanks for reading Little Yappy Dog, and for your comments about interweaving elements- Much appreciated. Loved Rogue Trading, great piece! All best.

Rachel J. Fenton – Mar 18, 2012

Ah, Michelle, you're welcome - it was such a beautiful and moving piece - it's stayed with me.
I think Mrs. Lobridge is best left in the past!

Michelle Elvy – Mar 18, 2012

Thanks for the comment on Almost There, Rachel. Appreciate it very much. Great seeing you here. Off to read a couple stories now... And I look forward to hearing more about Mrs. Lobridge.

Rachel J. Fenton – Feb 08, 2012

David - ditto! I'm looking forward to reading more of your work!

David Tomaloff – Feb 08, 2012

Thanks for the kind words, Rachel!

Bill Yarrow – Jan 22, 2012

Thanks, Rachel. Kind of you to comment on "Swords," an early poem of mine.

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 21, 2012

Hey, Joe - I enjoyed your work.

Joe Kapitan – Jan 21, 2012

Rachel, thanks so much for reading and commenting on "Matisse..". I agree; it seems to me that life is mostly about finding our place. The lucky and the geniuses find it earlier. I look forward to reading your work here.

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 20, 2012

No worries, Alison.

Alison Wells – Jan 20, 2012

Hi Rachel, thanks so much for your comment on my story.

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 12, 2012

Maren, I'll be sure to whine about the damp just as you're enjoying the sunshine. It's so discombobulating being seasonally at odds with the world and, coming from the UK as I do, I still get confused myself.

Maren Sandt – Jan 12, 2012

Summer holidays - hard to imagine there is such a thing while I listen to my son's complaining that it is not quite cold enough for the rain to turn into snow... We could do with a little bit of summer here!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 12, 2012

Hey, Susan - it's easy to make great comments about superb writing.

Susan Tepper – Jan 12, 2012

Rachel, thank you so much for reading Ash and your lovely comment!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 10, 2012

Yeeeha! James, that's so brill - first email I read today :)

James Robison – Jan 10, 2012

I'm putting your statement about Rodeo Days on the dust jacket of my next book--if there are still dust jackets, books, or blurbs.
Seriously, thanks.

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 10, 2012

No worries, Maren, and thanks for the great feedback on "Crown-of-thorns.

Maren Sandt – Jan 10, 2012

Thank you so much for appreciating and commenting on "I type her name into Google." I look forward to reading your work!

Marcus Speh – Jan 10, 2012

Thank you, Rachel, for commenting on "Fox" and welcome to Fictionaut!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 10, 2012

Mark, I was so pleased to see your name! You never disappoint.

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 10, 2012

Lee, no probs :)

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 10, 2012

Hey, Sylvia, no worries.

Mark Reep – Jan 10, 2012

Hey, and thanks so much for your kind words about 'Mystery'! Greatly appreciated, and glad you enjoyed.

Mark Reep – Jan 10, 2012

Hi Rachel, happy you're here!

Lee Stoops – Jan 09, 2012

Welcome to you, too! Thanks for the note!

Sylvia Petter – Jan 09, 2012

Thanks for reading First Love, Rachel, and for your comment.

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 08, 2012

Hi, Shilo - I hope I'm posting and replying correctly, too! I'm also new.
I got gorgeous box set of cards from Binnacle, everyone's flash/poetry pieces from the comp in teeny form, but last time I checked the journal wasn't ready...thanks for reminding me to look. They are lovely to work with.

Your piece is nuanced and subtle. Really enjoyed it.

Shilo Morlang – Jan 08, 2012

Thank you for reading my story "Level." I'm new to Fictionaut, so I hope I'm posting and replying correctly. Has Binnacle released your piece yet? I placed a story there a while back, but I was moving at the time and lost track of their publication schedule. The journal is very cleverly formatted and the folks are great to work with. Thanks again for the close read of the piece. I'll make that revision soon. I really was going for a delicately nuanced piece that leaves the reader feeling glad to have read a piece of short fiction--not too heavy, not slapstick. Thank you, again!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 08, 2012

Same, Robert - good stuff.

Robert Vaughan – Jan 08, 2012

So happy to find you here, Rachel and thanks for your recent comments on "Stilts." Much appreciated. I look forward to reading more of your work!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 08, 2012

Beate, thanks for inviting me! You write great.

Beate Sigriddaughter – Jan 08, 2012

Welcome to Fictionaut. Fantastic to see you here. And thanks for reading and commenting on "The Wedding: Snow White."

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 07, 2012

Awe, Sally - you're welcome - I really enjoyed your piece and it was a privilege to be able to read it and comment - thank you!

Sally Houtman – Jan 07, 2012

Rachel, I'm so touched by your comments on my poem. I've never studied writing and know nothing about the technical aspects, particularly of poetry, so such observations from a 'real' poet really mean a lot. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. Means a lot, you have no idea!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 07, 2012

Kia ora, Sally - thank you!

Sally Houtman – Jan 07, 2012

Hi, Rachel. A friend of Beate is a friend of mine. Glad you've joined us. I see in your profile you live in Auckland. I'm in Wellington, moved here from the US in 2005. Will look forward to bumping into you in the marvelous world of Fictionaut. Welcome!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 07, 2012

Thanks so much, Darryl - that's a lovely welcome!

Darryl Price – Jan 07, 2012

We're honored to have you with us! Welcome!

Rachel J. Fenton – Jan 07, 2012

Hullo! Thank you so much, Sylvia!

Sylvia Petter – Jan 07, 2012

Hey, Rachel! Welcome to Fictionaut!

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